Foundations Course

Get a new perspective on teaching and learning.

Year One: Foundations for Authentic Christian Teaching and Learning. Onsite or live online Sunday, June 26 – Saturday July 2, 2022, Chesapeake, Virginia.

Ask yourself: How did you become a teacher?  Do you want to be a teacher at home or in school? What preparation have you been given for the privilege of forming the hearts and minds of the influencers and leaders of the next generation? To form the character of the nation multi-generationally?  Beyond curriculum or skill-building, how do you learn the methods of forming Christian character, of inspiring hearts, and building leaders?

 The Mission of the Foundations Course: To impart the foundational philosophy, methods, and curriculum of Biblical classical Principle Approach teaching and learning for rebuilding the culture multi-generationally for Christ His Story.

The Foundations for Authentic Christian Teaching and Learning Course relies on Biblical reasoning; the practice of the methods that form Christian character; mastery of the Biblical classical approach that measurably forms the Biblical worldview for all of life; preparation to be a living textbook to your students; use of Christian scholarship to cultivate effective communication skills; the emergence of the teaching gift that elevates the individual, imparts vision for the Kingdom, and rebuilds the culture for Christ.

Our training prepares you to serve God’s purposes for our children by His grace in profound hope.

Outcomes of the Foundations Course include:

  • A love of teaching that begets the love of learning
  • A genuine Biblical worldview in every subject
  • Mastery of methods that form Christian character and conviction
  • A providential view of history and life
  • The ability to impart life-long learning skills
  • Effective use of logic and reasoning 
  • Effective communication skills
  • Strategies for enabling every learner
  • Certification advancement

The Foundations Course is the entry-level, six-day course in the Principle Approach philosophy, methodology and curriculum towards becoming a credentialed master Principle Approach teacher if you so desire. The joy of forming like-minded study partnerships with Principle Approach teachers and fellow-students focuses upon authentic learning and the honing of the Biblical worldview and Christian scholarship. 

Teaching/Mentoring Method:  Direct instruction with participation by discussion and presentation; building the Foundations record for all future teaching; application of teaching to individual circumstances (levels, settings, subjects, families, etc.); development of plans for implementation in local teaching setting.

Click here to view the Master Teacher Course Program Manual for 2022.
Please note that detailed teaching schedule and presenters are subject to change.

Attendees include:

  • Novice teachers in school or home
  • Experienced teachers seeking more 
  • Administrators who supervise instruction
  • Pastors seeking education solutions
  • Patriots concerned to rebuild the culture

Although many will want to take the summer training in order to become a certified master teacher, this may not be your desire. You are welcome to take the summer training sessions without the pursuit of master teacher status.  

Teachers and parents may also take the Foundations Course as a refresher or to continue to stay current on Principle Approach philosophy, curriculum and methods.

Your Instructors

The Foundations Coursewill be taught by master teachers and scholars. Dr. Carole Adams, President of FACE and architect of The Noah Plan Principle Approach curriculum; Dr. Max Lyons, Director of Teaching Services at FACE, author and co-author of six books; Gary Porter, constitutional lecturer and FACE docent; Dr. Mike Myers, Director of Leading Schools Program; Martha Shirley, Director of Professional Development at StoneBridge School; Margie Lyons, homeschool expert and author; Linda Andrus, Assistant Editor and former Master Teacher at StoneBridge School; Chris Evans, Virginia historian and author; and Dan Smithwick of the Nehemiah Institute.


The six-day Foundations Course tuition is $350 per person ($400 after June 17), whether taking via live streaming, onsite on the FACE campus, or as an independent study. For those on campus we will begin with an opening reception on Sunday evening, June 26, concluding on Saturday, July 2 with a Christian History Tour to Jamestown. Meals and lodging are not included. This schedule is subject to change.

Three convenient ways to study

The Foundations Course, the first year of the FACE Master Teacher Certification,  can be taken either onsite, online, or as an independent study on your own schedule. Year two, Applications Course and year three, Exhibition Course, must be completed onsite. Teachers may enroll in the Foundations Course at any time. The next onsite/live online Foundations course will be held June 26-July 2, 2022.

Download a PDF of the 2021 Foundations brochure here.

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Hotels: Click here for a list of recommended hotels within 10 miles of the The Foundation for American Christian Education and The Hall-Slater Library and Training Center campus located at 4225 Portsmouth Blvd, Chesapeake, Virginia 23321.

Homes: Limited space is available at no cost in the private homes of FACE staff and friends. Contact Max Lyons at 757-488-6601 or send him an email. Register early as free housing is available on a first come first served basis.

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