Christian School

The Educational Goal of the American Christian School is to build a Christian curriculum upon the Foundation of Christian Character and Christian Conscience.

The Christian school in America—from kindergarten through college level has the most critical role of leadership. If America is to restore her path to Christ His-story then Christians must lead the way. The question is not can the Christian school restore a true Christian education in America—but will the Christian school accept the challenge.

“It is evident that the de-Christianization of America has received its greatest impetuous through the secularization of education. From a people proud of a great heritage founded upon the Bible as the textbook of liberty we have become a people who permit the legislation of atheism into our schools under the pretext that the ‘open Bible’ and prayer—‘the weapons of our warfare’—might offend.”

America—the only nation in history ever to establish a government and Constitution upon principles of Christian liberty derived from the word of God—America forgot.   One cannot legislate Christianity out of a nation through the courts—it first must occur through individual acceptance of an educational system without God or Christ as its foundation.  The records show that when individuals, churches, communities yielded up to the state the control and direction of education it was then that the Bible became “as the words of a book that is sealed.”

  • Educational modernism deals with a conception of man totally and diametrically opposed to Biblical Creation.
  • The choice is ours – either believe that man was created by God as a ‘living soul’ individually designed for His purposes, or believe that man evolved as a physical, emotional, social organism upon whom learning and behavior is impressed for the purposes of society.  
  • Scripture must be our pattern and program of forming the Christian character and Christian conscience, not progressive philosophies, methods and curricula that uses the education of our children to achieve the purposes of cultural decline.
  • As the secularization of the nation is being achieved through education, we must evaluate the Christian school by Biblical standards to avoid the snares of atheism, materialism, and socialism.
  • When we fully realize that progressive education is not educationally oriented but politically oriented to produce both the philosophy and the character of socialism, we must also realize that even Christian schools have been permeated with secular philosophies and methods as well as secular curricula.

If we are to turn the American Republic back to Christ, we must restore the Principle Approach – America’s historic Christian method of Biblical reasoning with makes the Truths of God’s Word the basis of every subject in the school curriculum. 


The FACE ministry supports the three spheres of constitutional liberty: the Christian home, the Christian church, and the Christian school.