Dr. Mike Myers

Director of School Leadership at FACE and Headmaster, Dayspring Christian Academy

Dr. Myers was a public-school science teacher when he discovered the Principle Approach while attending Regent University in the mid-1980s—a life-altering encounter. Upon earning a Master of Arts degree in School Administration, Mike returned to Lancaster, PA to start Dayspring Christian Academy as a Principle Approach school. Mike has served as headmaster at Dayspring for 33 years. Over the years Mike has trained teachers, students, and parents in America’s Christian history, including the biblical principles government and education. Mike is the author of the book, It’s Time to Remember, America, which is based on his radio spot, Remember, America, which began airing in 1993 and still continues. In addition to his headmaster duties, Dr. Myers is an adjunct professor for Regent University and is the program director for the unfolding Principle Approach master’s degree program for teachers at Bryan College. Mike has joined the FACE staff as Director of School Leadership. God has blessed Mike and Cathy with three grown children and nine grandchildren. Mike can be reached by e-mail at Mike@FACE.net.