AECEP Sao Paulo, Brazil

Associação de Escolas Cristãs de Educação por Princípios
(Association of Christian Schools of Education by Principles)

Roberto and Ana Rinaldi traveled to the United States in early 90s to visit FACE, StoneBridge School and other Principle Approach entities to examine the Principle Approach model of education. They were convinced it was what they wanted implemented in their recently born school in Brazil. It became then the second school in that nation practicing what they later named Principled Educational Approach (PEA).

AECEPwas founded in Sao Paulo in 1997 as a Christian NGO, established as a collaborative network of institutions, in response to schools and churches demanding support from the two pioneer Principled Educational Approach schools in Brazil. It has grown to over 130 associated schools and 40 affiliated educators, located in most states of Brazil, providing reference materials, courses, workshops, interchange of experiences, consulting and other services. Its anchor event from the very beginning is the annual conference, which can gather around a thousand educators from all parts of Brazil. AECEP reaches over 20,000 students in grades K-12. They count on 7 Regional Representatives, 13 Certified Trainers and several partners working together for fulfilling their vision.

AECEPs motto is “Developing generations with competence and character”, as it promotes a classical teaching and learning approach based upon reasoning over timeless truths and building up knowledge foundations that leads to a reflective and producer attitude. AECEP aims to impact the nation by integrating schools, families, churches and community leaders to educate a generation that manifests the Kingdom of God with the application of its principles to all areas of life.

Here are some of the benefits that AECEP offers to its members

  • National and regional events for educators, parents and spiritual leaders 
  • Training on Principled Educational Approach, delivered live and remotely 
  • Significant discount on events, materials and training, including on the tuition of a PEA post-graduation (done through a university)
  • Facilitation of experience interchanges among associates 
  • Orientation on school structuring and operation 
  • Access to publications of solid reference material published by AECEP and qualified partners
  • Institutional representation with a network of solid partners 
  • Access to a job bank for Christian professionals in the area of education
  • News about releases and events sponsored by AECEP or its partners

AECEP has partnered with FACE from its inception and we count Roberto and Ana as two of our closest friends. They have translated and published several books by Max Lyons and Carole Adams as well as our Renewing the Mind for Teaching and Learning course. AECEP has been engaged also in missions through successful partnerships, reaching out to other nations with Principled Educational Approach schools now started in Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau, Angola, Mozambique, and even Pakistan. FACE is very pleased with our association and collaboration with Roberto and Ana, and AECEP.

In October 2020, Carole Adams, President of FACE, awarded AECEP with a Proclamation recognizing them as a Leading School in a collaborative network of institutions in support of principled Christian education internationally. View the video presentation here.

Top photo: Roberto among children from an AECEP associated school in southern Brazil. Bottom photo: The AECEP current Administration Board members.