The Joy of Reading

Nothing is more supportive of a thorough education than giving children a love of books and opportunities to read widely. Now is the best time to instill the habit of reading by encouraging independent reading skills. A great way to encourage independent reading, even for the reluctant reader, is the family reading aloud in a … Continue reading “The Joy of Reading”

Land That I Love

FACE is excited to announce that we now have in stock Land That I Love, Restoring Our Christian Heritage by Bobbie Ames. Bobbie was mentored personally by  Verna Hall and Rosalie Slater. She founded Emerald Mountain Christian School and provided Principle Approach education to students for over 50 years! Dr. Carole Adams has this to say about Land … Continue reading “Land That I Love”

Spring 2020 Report to Our Partners

God is at Work in Restoring Education Many years ago, seventy or so, the Lord inspired a young woman named Verna Hall with a vision of what our nation was becoming as a result of how we were educating children in our schools. Her life’s work was compiling the evidence of the Christian roots of … Continue reading “Spring 2020 Report to Our Partners”

Remembering Ralph Bullard: A Man of Influence

Influence is defined in the American Dictionary of the English Language by Noah Webster in 1828  as the power whose operation is invisible and known only by its effects. God’s Word speaks of influence. Luke 6:40 states, “A pupil is not above his teacher; but everyone after he has been fully trained, will be like … Continue reading “Remembering Ralph Bullard: A Man of Influence”

Principle Approach webinar with Roy Moore and Max Lyons

On Wednesday, April 22nd , CEI President Ray Moore  interviewed Dr. Max Lyons, Director of Teaching Services at FACE, during a live webinar. Ray Moore writes, “FACE is a charter member of the Christian Education Initiative (CEI). In our webinar we will discuss the Principle Approach for K-12 Christian education used in 100’s of K-12 Christian schools and home schooling … Continue reading “Principle Approach webinar with Roy Moore and Max Lyons”

A call from “Down Under” to rebuild America’s Christian Republic.

Hello FACE Friends, My name is Michael Allan-Ross and I live in Newcastle, New South Wales in Australia. I am currently teaching Year 7 and 8 English, History and Geography at a Christian school called St Philip’s Christian College. I have been teaching for 24 years and I am married to Kelli and have four … Continue reading “A call from “Down Under” to rebuild America’s Christian Republic.”

Pastors Must Address Politics (and everything else) From the Pulpit.

By Gary DeMar, American Vision (reprinted with permission)First published January 31, 2020 Several posts on Facebook are asking this question: Should pastors address politics from the pulpit? I don’t understand why this question keeps getting asked. If the Bible addresses politics (or anything else), then pastors must address politics and anything else the Bible addresses. … Continue reading “Pastors Must Address Politics (and everything else) From the Pulpit.”

A letter of encouragement from Dr. Carole Adams

Dear Friends and Family: We find ourselves in challenging times and unprecedented circumstances. Practicing “social distancing” might include the new opportunity to home educate your children or grandchildren.  I’m writing today to offer inspiration and guidance, sharing some wisdom gained over 50 years of development of the Principle Approach, plus our work with dozens of … Continue reading “A letter of encouragement from Dr. Carole Adams”

Christian Leaders learn about Christian Education and Cultural Reformation

FACE hosted a series of events the week of March 16 that included a visit from Sue Trombino, and her pastor and his wife. Included were a special Stonesetters tour and a Patrick’s Day event co-sponsored by the Tidewater Tea Party. We were very blessed to share the FACE vision with several pastors, area leaders, … Continue reading “Christian Leaders learn about Christian Education and Cultural Reformation”

Replicating the Principle Approach Model

A major initiative of the FACE five- year plan is to replicate the Principle Approach Model: “Scale up to fifty demonstration schools in the next five years with a professional team of educators and speakers to enrich and equip existing schools and create a systematic establishment of new schools able to demonstrate the Principle Approach … Continue reading “Replicating the Principle Approach Model”