Ministry Overview

Education today determines tomorrow’s scope of government, quality of culture, influence of the church, strength of the family, and the health of our economy. At the Foundation for American Christian Education (FACE) we believe that education today singularly shapes the future of our country, reaching into all areas of the kingdom of God. Education is at the heart of tomorrow’s economics, government, morality, religion, socialization. Education is at the core of EVERY national issue.

FACE is uniquely positioned to impact parents and teachers to reclaim American Christian education from the secular stronghold. Our ministry makes the connection of the Christian spirit and character to America’s original purpose in liberty. History holds the answer to restoring our nation’s spirit and character; to recapture it, we must educate and equip Christian schools and home schools nationwide with the Biblical, classical method of education.

The knowledge of biblical classical education is vital today to the Christian family that seeks its proven results for their children yet lacks the means to provide it. FACE offers the tools to enable its effective practice. In a great movement across the nation, we see a return of Christian parents to the Biblical responsibility for the Christian education of their children.

In response, FACE publishes and teaches the Principle Approach as a complete program for schools and home schools. The Biblical classical curriculum and method as practiced in early America is well documented and demonstrates the Biblically principled reasoning that undergirded the education that framed our liberty.

PEERS Testing data demonstrates the need of the church to form a biblical worldview in the next generation for its very survival. PEERS Test data additionally reveals a lack of effectiveness in developing a Biblical worldview by traditional Christian schools. Teacher education, delegated to the state, annually certifies secularized teachers to populate our neighborhood schools ​and​ Christian schools. Teachers present the need to obtain the essential knowledge of Christian principles to help build the momentum of the church and the future leadership of the nation.

Investing in teaching and equipping American Christians in biblical principles results in aligning individuals, families, schools, and communities with a biblical worldview. Reinvigorating the church and the culture to godly standards is to sustain the Christian constitutional Republic. The FACE multigenerational vision reaches beyond the immediate urgencies to impact the future. FACE collaborates with other ministries, Christian colleges, schools, and churches, to add scope to the outcome of the work.

The FACE ministry supports the three spheres of constitutional liberty: the Christian family, the Christian church, and the Christian school.