Honoring Ministries that Promote American Statesmanship 

HON´OR, v. t. on´or. [L. Honoro] To dignify; to raise to distinction or notice; to elevate in rank or station; to exalt; to render illustrious.
Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor. Romans 12:10

God moves through people his purposes to achieve. The Foundation for American Christian Education honors its founders, Verna Marie Hall and Rosalie June Slater as the researchers, teachers, and publishers of America’s Christian history and method of education that for fifty-six years has enlightened the nation.  Their work set in place a benchmark of truth for Christians, for statesmen, and for the generations to come.

Many others came behind them to expand upon their work, contribute richness, carry inspired understanding, to broadcast America’s Christian history, and to teach and to publish.

The Foundation for American Christian Education owes honor to those many.  

Many years ago, seventy or so, the Lord inspired a young woman named Verna Hall with a vision of what our nation was becoming as a result of how we were educating children in our schools.  Her life work of compiling the evidence of the Christian roots of American liberty equips teachers of children to return to the philosophy of education that built our liberty in the beginning.  Her significant work, quietly crafted and boldly published at a time when the evidence was still largely dormant, awakened generations to America’s God-ordained purpose as a nation.  

Today, that landmark work is alive in schools and homeschools, but also in setting a standard for American statesmanship in teaching and publishing.  God raised up many ministries and teachers giving impetus of a movement.

Americans are deeply indebted to a host of luminaries that continue to enlighten the nation of America’s Christian history and government by teaching, publishing, broadcasting, story-telling, courses, seminars, and books.

The nations owe particular honor those now deceased, who dedicated their lives and ministries to teach the Christian principles of government through America’s Christian History and equipped their generation with the tools of statesmanship: