Renewing the Mind 2018

We have refocused and renamed Renewing the Mind Teacher Training now called Principle Approach Institute Teacher Summer Training to be held July 22-26, 2019. Click here to learn more.

Our 2018 Renewing the Mind (RTM) teacher training held during the summer included approximately 47 educators, teachers, administrators and home schoolers from 24 states and Brazil, Colombia and Estonia. Twelve Principle Approach schools were represented. These mentors of Biblical education for our future generations are truly the “keepers of liberty”.

Here are a few of the comments we received:

“Thank you for another great seminar! I learned so much from each presentation. Thank you for providing us this rich information, teaching tools, and inspiration.” 

Karen Cleghorn, teacher Valeo Academy

“Thank you for the teacher training. You did an excellent job! There is always something to learn.”

Arline Helms, homeschool leader

I enjoyed Dan Smithwick’s presentations, especially as they pertain to church history. I also appreciate the Providential history training. What I found to be most inspiring was Carey Adams testimony on the mission of the Christian home.” 

Al Frederickson, church educator

Thank you for showing us student work and teacher notebooks. I appreciate the fact that you took time, and made it simple and practical. For the first time I saw how doable note-booking really is.” 

Denise Graziano, homeschool mom in Estonia

Plan now for the 2019 “Principle Approach Institute Teacher Summer Training” July 22- July 26, 2019 offered in Chesapeake, Virginia and online. Click here for more information.

Did you miss the 2018 Summer Training? No you didn’t!  Now you can access the RTM courses on your own timetable!  These four courses are available through our bookstore:

All courses include: video recorded lecture, PowerPoint slides, and handouts. These courses will deepen your understanding of a Biblical philosophy of education, sharpen your teaching skills, and you in a true methodology of education.   Don’t wait, order today!