Principle Approach Master Teacher Certification Program

Since 1965, The Foundation for American Christian Education has developed a significant number of tools and courses for teaching and learning to form Christian character and a Biblical worldview in the next generation. Our excellent training and educational resources in a Biblical philosophy, curriculum, and methodology of education (the Principle Approach) provide assistance and support to teachers, schools, churches, homeschoolers, and all who touch the lives of families and students everywhere. 

If you are called to teach others, we invite you to consider our Principle Approach Master Teacher Certification Program. Earning a Master Teacher Certification is a three-year process, however, if certification is not an option, you may choose only to attend Year One: Foundations Course. We would love the opportunity to chat with you to assist you in choosing the opportunity that is right for you. Contact Max Lyons, Director of Teaching Services at 757-488-6601 or e mail him directly. Start with the links below and explore your options.

Year One: Foundations Course

Year One Foundations Course is the entry-level, six-day course in the Principle Approach philosophy, methodology and curriculum towards becoming a credentialed master Principle Approach teacher. It is a perquisite and foundational to all other teacher training courses.

Year One: Foundations Course Independent Study

As an Independent Study you may register for the Foundation Course, view videos of the 27 teachings, and complete the assignments at your convenience. With the Independent Study, you will not need to complete the course in a one week period in July as you would with either the onsite or live online option.

Year Two: Applications Course

Applications is the second year, five-day course in the Principle Approach philosophy, methodology and curriculum towards becoming a certified master Principle Approach teacher. By applying the foundational teaching in the subject areas or grade levels, the method is internalized while preparing the participant with the ownership of the tools needed for authentic Biblical classical education.

Year Three: Exhibition Course

The Exhibition Course is the third year, four-day course in the Principle Approach towards becoming a certified Principle Approach Master Teacher. Mentors give individual time to review, observe and advise according to the standards of the culminating practicum. Participants present their work and mentors kindly advise and guide.  The culmination of the week is the teaching of a model lesson designed by the participant.  

ACSI Christian Philosophy of Education Requirements

We desire to assist you in fulfilling the ACSI Christian Philosophy of Education Requirement which is necessary for your ACSI teacher certification. By successfully completing our Foundations Course and Practicum, with a little additional work, you will also complete the ACSI Christian Philosophy of Education Requirement, saving you time and additional work.

ACSI CEU Credits

Those who already possess an ACSI Standard or Professional Teaching Certificate will need Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to renew their certificate. If you do not have this Certificate from ACSI, you do not need these CEUs! E-mail Max Lyons for more information. There is a $15 fee for the CEU credit.