Discerning Moments

  • Trailblazer of the Seas June 10, 2024 - “There must be natural paths through the seas–the best routes for man to travel.” Commander Matthew Maury, Trailblazer of the Seas, children’s biography of Matthew Maury by Jean Lee Latham… Read More
  • Warning Voices: Will We Listen This Time? May 29, 2024 - "The danger to all well-established free governments arises from the unwillingness of the people to believe in...the influence of designing men...This is the old trick of those who would usurp… Read More
  • Do Words Have Power? May 13, 2024 - How strangely will the Tools of a Tyrant pervert the plain meaning of words. Sam Adams 1722-1803 When leaders change the meaning of words, we should ask, “Why?  Words are… Read More