Christian History Tours

FACE is pleased to offer group tours of historic sites that tell the story of America’s founding. Learn what motivated the early settlers to colonize the “New World” and what makes America unique among all nations on earth. Tours for your school, homeschool, or church group may be arranged by contacting Max Lyons.

An historical interpreter demonstrate activities of daily life at the Jamestown Settlement, Virginia.

Jamestown Island Tour
Join historian Chris Evans on a guided tour of the actual site of the Jamestown Settlement, originally called James Cittie, the first permanent English settlement in the New World. Included in the tour are the Glassblowing House, the Visitor’s Center, Jamestown Memorial Church, the Robert Hunt Shrine, Old Town and New Town ruins and the Archaearium consisting of displays of artifacts found at this original site. Most importantly, you will receive a presentation on the providential approach to the founding of Jamestown.
2 hours, Group Rate: $175 (plus park entrance fee)

First Landing Tour
Follow historian Chris Evans to learn the exciting, little-known story of the landing, dedication, and settlement of Virginia and America in 1607 by the Jamestown colonists at the original site at Cape Henry in Virginia Beach, now marked with a large granite cross. Their story begins, though, with the people and the vision of the grand-founders, many years before the landing at Cape Henry. Our grand-founders, men like Richard Hakluyt and others, were people who were influenced greatly by the English Protestant Reformation. This ensured that America was destined to be a nation based solidly on the principles of God’s Word.

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Historian and tour guide Chris Evans has spent over 25 years researching and studying America’s Christian history, specializing in the providential history of Jamestown and the Virginia Colony. She also homeschooled her two children and has been active in politics, public policy and conservative and social issues for 32 years.

For the upcoming history tour schedule and for more tour information please e-mail Max Lyons or give him a call at 757-488-6601.