A Three-Part Plan to Stop America’s Decline and Restore our Biblical Heritage.

If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?

Psalm 11:3 ESV

What is your worldview?  The PEERS Test assesses the Biblical worldview of Christian students in government, Christian and Principle Approach schools. The test, functioning like a “Biblical worldview SAT” compares students’ beliefs in the following spheres of life—Politics and government, Education, Economics, Religion and Social issues. The test reveals alarming trends toward an increasingly materialistic, socialistic church and society. Principle Approach schools, noted on the green line, are shown to produce a Biblical worldview in students more successfully than others. 

It’s time to restore the nation for our children’s future.  God is the author and He is still writing “His Story” and the story of America. In response to the growing demand for a return to Biblical morality in our nation, FACE has launched a multi-generational Plan to address the need for Biblical-classical education on three fronts: the Home, the Church, and the Christian School.

We are at a defining moment in history requiring vision, courage, and strong sacrifices to turn the tide. It can only be done by restoring the home, equipping the church and taking back the education of our children. Each building block has a critical role with a multi-generational impact which shapes the nation. The sustenance of the Republic depends upon educating each generation anew in those principles that are germane to America and that enable ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’. 

A Three-Part Plan to Stop America’s Decline and Restore our Biblical heritage:

1. The role of the HOME is to build the sure foundation of CHRISTIAN CHARACTER of the individual.

There is nothing in America which contributes more significantly to the success of a nation than the home. The family sets in place the spiritual culture and moral nature that lays the foundation of Christian character. Home is the first sphere of government where Christian self-government is learned and practiced. It is important that the family be supplied with appropriate nutriment to teach these basic principles in the home.

FACE mission in action for the Home:

  • Impress parents and grandparents with the necessity of reclaiming Biblical classical Christian education from the anti-Christian stronghold. 
  • Conduct adult educational programs through Principled Studies Groups and our monthly Lessons in Liberty lecture series. 
  • Provide curricula for Christian homeschooling.

2. The role of the CHURCH is to build the foundation of CONSCIENCE of the individual.

The church is the greatest bulwark established to protect the magnificent principles and institutions at the bedrock of our nation. We know what Christ does for an individual when he yields himself up to Him; He fills him with His own life and makes him one of the luminaries of the world…

 The responsibility of the church is to marry our nation to Christ. It has been said, tell me how the American Republic will treat Christ and I will tell you the future of the American Republic. If we as a church turn our hearts toward Christ, and His cross be allowed to dominate all affairs of human life, then the nation will align itself with God’s purposes. 

FACE mission in action for the Church:

  • Remind pastors and believers that education must form a Biblical worldview, or risk our nation turning to a secular, humanistic, or even atheistic worldview.
  • Encourage the role of churches in starting Christian schools.
  • Return Biblical worldview and our nation’s Christian history to the preaching and teaching of the church.

3.The role of the SCHOOL is to build on the CHRISTIAN CHARACTER and CONSCIENCE of the individual. 

I am afraid that schools will prove to be the gates of hell unless they diligently labor in explaining the Holy Scriptures, engraving them in the hearts of youth. I advise no one to place his children where the Scriptures do not reign paramount.

Martin Luther

The Christian school in America—from kindergarten through the college level—has a most critical role of leadership. If America is to restore her path to “Christ His Story” then Christians must lead the way. The question is not can the Christian school restore a true Christian education in America—but will the Christian school accept the challenge?

FACE mission in action for the School:

  • Initiate 50 Principle Approach® Demonstration schools and Teaching Centers across the nation.
  • Prepare teachers through the Principle Approach Master Teacher Certification Program in a Biblical, classical philosophy of teaching and learning. 
  • Teach Principle Approach philosophy in undergraduate and graduate programs.

If we would restore the American Christian Constitution to its original ‘end and purpose’, we need to re-unite the American Christian home, the American Christian church and the American Christian school in their individual efforts to construct the elements of Constitutional liberty.

 Verna M. Hall, Co-Founder of FACE

Partner with us.

You can have an impact within your community and on our nation. We ask you to help FACE equip an army of restorers to do battle on the front lines of the home, the church and the school.

  • Pray for our nation’s homes, churches, schools. Pray for FACE, that the mission of raising an army to restore our nation would be fulfilled.
  • Share the mission of restoring Christian education with your pastor and Christian leaders.
  • Request an Enlightening the Nation Leaders Guide and consider starting a Christian history study group in your home or church.
  • Establish a Principle Approach school in your community or support someone who is starting a Christian school.
  • Enroll in the 3-year teacher certification course, or sponsor a Christian teacher who would like to become certified in the Principle Approach.
  • Donate to FACE to help fund the movement for Biblical, Christian education.

For further information and/or to request copies of our mission brochure, A Three-Part Plan to Stop America’s Decline and Restore our Biblical Heritage, use this convenient form, call 800-352-3223 or email Info1828@FACE.net.