Nation Makers holds the secret for America to endure as a self-governing nation.

Nation Makers: the Art of Self-Government and Teacher Guide.

Nation Makers: the Art of Self-government plants the Idea of America in the hearts and minds of Americans in each new generation and is not a history course although it imparts an important foundational understanding of all history. It is not a philosophy course although it deals primarily with worldview. It is not a Bible course although it inculcates Biblical principles for life-long discernment. Nation Makers is a course in reasoning designed to form habits of thinking along with opportunities to develop strong skills of articulation and application.

Nation Makers: the Art of Self-Government is a revision of the Original Rudiments of America’s Christian History and Government. The 144-page study course includes a 20-page downloadable Teacher Planning Guide with sample questions and student essay ideas. This course is suitable for middle school, high school, Sunday school or home study groups. Regularly prices at $29.95, now 20% off with code.

Watch this short video by Christin Lovette, founder and head of True Foundation a Principle Approach homeschool ministry of their church. After reviewing Nation Makers the Art of Self Government, the Lovette’s decided to make this course an integral part of their church’s discipleship program. Listen to Christine explain in her own words!

Nation Makers video course.

Nation Makers: The Art of Self-Government Video Course. Students around the age of fourteen are prime for big ideas, contradictions, and questions relevant to life. The “Rudiments of History and Government” video workshop equips teachers and parents with the skill to form habits of thinking that will propel students toward their fullest expression in Christ. This 10-hour course demonstrates the contrast between traditional methods and the Principle Approach. Included in the course will be a demonstration of the importance of placing geography in the context of history and government, and the introduction of a missing link on the Chain of Christianity—the Reformation of Education.  Taught by Dr. Carole Adams, Dr. Max Lyons and Margie Lyons. Ideal for teacher training. Now only $60.