Renewing the Mind for Teaching and Learning

The thirst for learning is so apparent in young children and each new day provides a platform for exploration. But as children grow and mature, the desire for knowledge is often dulled by secular ideas and the joy of study and learning is extinguished by mind-numbing curriculum.

How can Christian parents combat the anti-Biblical forces that assail the family daily? How can we safeguard our children’s hearts and minds that are assaulted with ideas that harden the mind to principles and ideals that are uplifting, inspiring and true?

Consider renewing your own heart and mind—as a parent and a teacher—for teaching and learning Biblical principles with classic American Christian methods of education. Renewing the Mind for Teaching and Learning is a self-directed study course, returning the mind to the natural function of “teaching” and “learning.” The classroom once again becomes fresh, powerful and spirit-filled.

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