Christian Home

The Educational Goal of the American Christian Home in a Republic is to build the Foundation of America’s Christian Character. 

The ministry to the home is of primary importance to the mission of The Foundation for American Christian Education. We see the home as the first sphere of constitutional liberty. It is in the home where the foundations of Christian character are laid and Christian self-government is first learned and practiced. Neither the church nor the school can substitute for what the home can provide. 

“In this age of extreme individualism, we have almost left out of view the mission of home as the first form of society, and the important bearing it has upon the formation of character… The idea of human character as a development from the nursery to the grave is not realized… As a consequence the influence of home is lost…” 

(Teaching and Learning America’s Christian History: The Principle Approach pp.4,5)
  • The home is a divine institution with a soul mission
  • The home forms the individuals life long concept of God and eternity
  • The home is a partnership of spiritual as well as of natural life.
  • The home mission is to provide for the mind as well as the body
  • There is no substitute for home; its influence is overwhelming and absolute
  • The home forms the citizen, lays the foundation for civil and political character, prepares the social element and taste, and determines our national prosperity or adversity.

“’Go nurse them for the King of Heaven, and he will pay thee hire’”

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The FACE ministry supports the three spheres of constitutional liberty: the Christian home, the Christian church, and the Christian school.