The Noah Plan

The Foundation for American Christian Education presents the evidence of America’s Christian history as a blueprint for restoring to America its literacy, free-enterprise economy, honesty, morality and conservative Christian mind-set and values. Using The Noah Plan® curriculum, the Foundation believes that education will enable succeeding generations to reclaim the character and Biblical principles needed to sustain our constitutional republic and liberty with law. The Noah Plan is the educator’s tool to inculcate, instruct and impress upon the minds of students principles that will prosper a great and free United States of America, and enable the Gospel to reach the ends of the earth.

The Noah Plan is:

  • The name of the premier complete Principle Approach curriculum
  • A product for educating children using the Word of God in every subject
  • Curriculum that replicates the educational approach that shaped the character and reasoning of America’s founders when literacy was at an all-time high
  • The result of decades of research

Restoring Christian Principles to the Classroom

Education that teaches the Truth of the Word of God produces true liberty as it is applied in all life and learning. Truth is the source of the principles. The Noah Plan curriculum, designed to educate the whole person on Christian principles, identifies Biblical principles in every subject. Through implementing the Principle Approach methodology, The Noah Plan will restore Christian principles to the classroom.

The Noah Plan is a Solution

The education of one generation will be the philosophy of the next. Abraham Lincoln states here that the source of any government is an educational doctrine. Our nation is now reaping what was sown through its system of education. The extraction of the Word of God from the classroom and from public policy established ideals contrary to the principles upon which our nation was founded—resulting in the rejection of absolute truths. Now, our American government is intentionally and purposefully building an amoral, anti-Christian society, which darkens and threatens us today. Its programs undermine families, waste the potential of our children, destroy our unborn, eradicate character and productivity and scorn God. The education of the day has made us number one among our peer nations in violent crime, divorce, illegal drug use, teenage pregnancy and illiteracy. Our hope is in the next generation. It is imperative that we educate our children in Biblical principles and teach them to reason. The Noah Plan is the Principle Approach curriculum teaching the philosophy of life and the principles that make a reasoning, Christian citizen, who bases decisions on a Biblical worldview.

Our publications enable you to learn and to teach the following:

  • America’s Christian history reprinted from primary sources to cause American Christians to remember God’s Gospel purpose for our nation
  • The Christian history of the United States Constitution and its central role in preserving the art of self-government for each generation
  • The Bible-centered Principle Approach methodology as it is applied in grades kindergarten through twelve
  • The use of the original Noah Webster 1828 American Dictionary of the English Language to re-establish your vocabulary on a Biblical worldview base
  • The subjects of the curriculum from a Biblical perspective to be taught kindergarten through twelfth grades
  • Reading-aloud literature classics to delight and form the character of children of all ages at home and at school
  • Teacher training courses, teacher tools and training in the Principle Approach method
  • Scholarly articles from the FACE Journals I – IX