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Starting and Conducting Your Principled Studies Group

To secure the future liberty and prosperity of our children, it is essential to rebuild the culture upon the founding principles that formed the idea of America, structured its liberty, and upheld the inalienable rights belonging to its people.

Rebuilding culture upon Biblical principles begins with equipping the family, the church, and the school in local communities with Godly truth applicable to all areas of life. The Principled Studies Groups can help restore Godly channels of knowledge and wisdom to parents and children, to pastors and Sunday school teachers, and to patriots and community-minded organizations. 

The influence of a teaching and learning community over time brings lasting change as history has proven. As Principled Studies Groups are initiated in local communities and churches, FACE plans to provide a network of support of families and schools across the country.

The FACE five-year plan establishes 50 FACE Teaching Centers across the nation within driving distance of every major center of population. 

As American Christians refuse to succumb to the waves of secularism in the present culture that appear to wipe away the influence of Christ, the sanctity of life, and the prosperity and opportunity that have long distinguished the American system—the moral foundation of the nation—the FACE center re-energizes the families, the churches, and the schools to influence the culture locally and sustainability through education.

The community is composed of the family, the church, and the school. Each component has a role to play in building the community—the role of the family, to form the character; the role of the church, to form the conscience; the role of the school to build wisdom and knowledge upon the base of strong character and good conscience.

Because the American system of government is structured by eternal, Biblically-defined principles, the sustenance of the Republic depends upon educating each generation of our young in those principles that are germane to America and that enable “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” “

Without Christ there would be no America.

Verna M. Hall

Become a Principled Studies Group Leader

Have you been looking for a way to impact the culture in America for Christ? Consider becoming the affiliate leader of a FACE Principled Studies Group.

One of the first steps is to articulate why such a study group is necessary. A Principled Studies Group ministry makes it easy to:

  • Educate and equip your community or church congregation to apply a Biblical worldview to every area of life, especially to those issues undermining our Judeo-Christian culture.
  • Empower others to make a meaningful difference in our society by standing up for Biblical values in the public square.
  • Keep you informed about current events relating to life, marriage, education, the family, religious liberty, business and more.
  • Restore the Bible’s relevance in the critical areas of government, education, media, and business/economics.
  • Multiply the impact and influence of Study Group members.
  • Live out the Great Commission in self and civil government that leads to the restoration of our Christian Constitutional Republic.
  • Use social media to reach others with the truth that you are learning and, therefore, to maximize your efforts.
  • Engage and activate the next generation as you teach truth to those in your sphere of influence.

Let’s get started in rebuilding the culture upon the founding principles that formed the idea of America and structured its liberty.

If you sense the Lord may be leading you to conduct a Principled Studies Group in your community click below and we will be happy to send you a FREE copy of Enlightening the Nation: Starting and Conducting Your Principled Studies Group Guide. It will help you step-by-step from getting started, to gathering a group, all the way to your course of study.

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I am with you heart and soul.”
An encouraging note from Dr. Carole Adams

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