Our Mission

The Foundation for American Christian Education publishes and teaches America’s Christian history and method of education by Biblical principles to restore Christian self- government and character to the individual, to families, to the church and to the nations.

Raise an army of individual lives prepared to build the family, the church, and the nation through education in a Biblical-theistic worldview to glorify God above all and bless the people by applying wise principles to all areas of life.

Core Values
The Word of God is the source of civil and religious liberty.

  • We educate individuals in Biblical principles to form Christian character and self- government to safeguard American liberty and prosperity
  • We publish the principles that establish a Biblical worldview as they relate to all of lifeThe Word of God is the foundation of all learning and of every issue of life.
  • We restore Biblical classical methods of education and Christian scholarship to American education.
  • We publish and teach the philosophy, the curriculum, and methods of the model of the original form of American Christian education.The Word of God is the manual for family life and the education of children.
  • We equip the family to ensure the true Christian education of their children, a task reserved for them by God.
  • We train parents to prepare their children to be Christian leaders of the next generation.

Our Roots
By the 1950’s, America had forgotten her original, founding mission built upon Biblical principles that established a free nation as a refuge from tyranny for humanity. When those founding principles gave way to socialism and progressivism through government -controlled education, a small, influential conservative movement emerged to stem the flood. The ​Foundation for American Christian Education (FACE)​​was instrumental in that movement, effectively equipping Christians with the knowledge that had been abandoned: America’s Christian history and method of education built upon Biblical principles. FACE published this research in “red books” bound in red, hard velum covers with gold embossing — in a new era in Christian education with the means of restoring what had been lost.FACE has reprinted and distributed seventy-two thousand of the large “seminal volumes” in the past ten years to homes, schools, and churches around the world. FACE publishes the facsimile original Webster 1828 ​American Dictionary of the English Language,​ the only dictionary currently in print that contains definitions consistent with a Biblical worldview.

Today FACE serves hundreds of schools, homeschools, and homeschool co-ops with curricular materials. Twelve of those schools serve as demonstration schools and models for others. Principle Approach schools have graduated thousands who now serve in all spheres of society and build strong Christian families.

God has granted favor and provision to FACE for over half a century, bringing together gifted people to embrace and enable the mission. Whole communities of like-minded families have grown up around our demonstration schools and have seen their children thrive. The FACE ​Noah Plan​ K-12 curriculum and FACE teaching services have equipped concerned Christians families, churches, and schools across the nation and around the world.

We are now at a critical time in the story of America, “His Story,” and it is time to restore our nation for our children’s future. FACE has launched a multi-generational plan to address the need for Biblical-classical educational on three fronts: the Home, the Church, and the Christian School. Become a partner with us at this defining moment in history. Click here to read more: A Three-Part Plan to Stop America’s Decline and Restore our Biblical Heritage.

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