Gaining a New Perspective: Foundations Course 2021

The Foundation for American Christian Education welcomed 48 participants to the Foundations Course on location in Chesapeake, Virginia, with more than 20 additional attendees online. The Course, held the week of July 11-16, is the entry-level, five-day course in the Principle Approach philosophy, methodology and curriculum towards becoming a credentialed Principle Approach Master Teacher. It is followed by the Applications Course in year two, culminating with the Exhibition Course in year three.

The Mission of the Foundations Course is to impart the foundational philosophy, methods, and curriculum of Biblical classical Principle Approach teaching and learning for rebuilding the culture multigenerationally for Christ His-Story.

Participants were inspired with tours of the Hall-Slater Library, StoneBridge School, and a Christian history lesson and tour at historic Jamestown Settlement in Williamsburg. It was a tremendous week of getting a new perspective in teaching and learning authentic Christian education.

Attending the Course were teachers and administrators representing 19 schools, including 11 in the FACE Leading Schools program. FACE continues to work with visionary leaders who are called to begin Principle Approach schools all across America. School sites include Madison, Wisconsin, Chula Vista, California, Orlando Florida, Dallas/Fort Worth Texas, Killeen Texas, Phoenix Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, and the Tidewater Virginia region. Pray for these Christian leaders, and others who we are in discussions with and those who plan to begin a Principle Approach school this fall or in 2022.

Here are several responses from this year’s attendees:

I am definitely enjoying each session. It is so comforting to feel the like-mindedness! Thanks to everyone for the work put into each teaching. Wish I was there to thank each one in person.

Thank you for an amazing week. God bless you!

There is so much that is bubbling in my heart right now! I am marveling and thanking God for FACE, you and all the other wonderful teachers and mentors, the Master Teacher courses, the books, your infinite source of articles and resources… I am so blessed and overflowing with joy as we launch our school. It seems so surreal. God is good!

All the sessions and topics were beneficial to me.  I was reminded of my role as a teacher and how important it is.  The idea of being a living textbook is profound.

This training and the efforts in preparation for it is instrumental in preparing me to transition from a career in public education as a follower of Christ to a new career in private Christian education.

I came from another country to get training and study the Christian Principle Approach.  Looking at this country’s current situation in education, we have to teach them about The Principle Approach.