Like-minded Ministries

Like-minded Ministries are an essential part of the Principle Approach community. These ministries share the vision of restoring America’s Christian heritage and character through education. FACE works closely with these ministries to support, encourage, and strengthen each other, thereby fulfilling our mission to transform the mind and heart of a nation. 

Association of Principled Education Christian Schools AECEP was founded in 1997 in the city of Sao Paulo, from a demand for Principle Approach schools. Today it has associated schools and educators in most of the Brazilian states, with over 160 member schools. The AECEP website is in Portuguese. (Roberto Rinaldi, Director,

Brenda MacMenamin is a happy Christian wife and mother of four homeschooled children (now all married). She loves helping, guiding, advising, and teaching ‘best practices’ to young couples who are planning to undertake the noble cause of teaching their own children. Brenda offers four courses that combine history and literature:

  • Constitutional Conversations in Six Weeks
  • American History  a 36 week course for High School credit from Original Documents
  • American Government and Economics  a 36 week course for High School credit
  • Ancient History Using the Bible a 36 week course for High School credit appropriate for grades 9-12  (

Covenant Academy Online provides Biblical Principle Approach classes for grades 4 through 12. Classes are provided across the seven disciplines: Government, History, Language, Literature, Mathematics, Philosophy, Science. Each class provides recorded teachings and regular assignments. Students receive individual feedback on submitted assignments and may have regular contact with the instructor through email/text. (Timothy Barratt,

Institute on the Constitution Course Ricki Pepin has produced a U. S. Constitution course, suitable for a government or history credit, written in the context of the American View of law and government:  

  • There is a God
  • Our rights come from Him
  • The purpose of government is to protect and secure these rights

This course is modeled after the Principle Approach and includes a Teacher’s Guide.  It is taught by Jake MacAulay, with Michael Peroutka as the founder and host.  Each lesson provides not only Constitutional and Biblical principles, but also applications of the students new knowledge as they learn how they can make a difference in their communities and nation. (

Nehemiah Institute exists to “undo Dewey,” replacing the secular humanistic educational philosophy today with a Biblical theistic worldview. They offer the PEERS Test, a program designed to test individuals on their political, educational, economic, religious, and social views, gaining an accurate assessment of their own worldview. (Dan Smithwich, President,

Pilgrim Institute equips citizens through education to restore Biblical principles to our Republic. (Ruth Smith,

Plymouth Rock Foundation “seeks a greater public awareness and understanding of American history, ideas, and ideals, particularly as embodied in the lives of the Pilgrims who founded the Plymouth Colony in 1620… their devotion to God and the Bible, to freedom and to tolerance, and their embodiment of courage, brotherhood and individual moral character.” (Dr. Paul Jehle,

Principled Academy Excellent parents want to teach using the Principle Approach method but it seems overwhelming and time consuming. Parents get discouraged. We understand and have a plan. We’ve simplified it for our home school and we’d love to help clear the path for you. You can do it! Heather Hall provides support for Principle Approach Homeschoolers. Her goal is to simplify the Principle Approach method for your homeschool and to show you how to teach from the Bible in every subject. (Heather Hall,

Christian Education Initiative CEI is a Bible-based, evangelical alliance of member organizations whose purpose is to advance the Kingdom of God by growing Christian education, thus helping to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) and the cultural mandate. (Genesis 1:28-29; Matthew 5:13-14). (Chairman, E. Ray Moore; Executive Committee, Dan Smithwick, Max Lyons,

Providence Foundation is a Christian educational organization whose mission is to spread liberty, justice, and prosperity among the nations by educating individuals in a Biblical worldview. (Stephen McDowell,

Exodus Mandate is a Christian ministry established to encourage and assist Christian families to choose homeschooling and Christian schools over public schools. It is the hope and prayer of Exodus Mandate supporters that a fresh obedience by Christian families in the education of their children according to Scriptural commands will be a key to the revival of our families, our churches, and our nation. Lt. Col. Ray Moore, ret., founder and president recently stated, “Principle Approach is the gold standard for education.” (E. Ray Moore,

Nordskog Publishing’s primary mission is to enhance the spiritual growth of Christ’s redeemed people through understanding of His Laws, all Truth, as found in His Holy Scriptures. We seek to illustrate His power in all believers through application of the Bible to every subject and every aspect of life and living. (Jerry Nordskog, Ron Kirk,

STAND Standing True to America’s National Destiny is leading a movement to unite Americans of all ancestries and national origins. We reject hyphenating our citizens. We are all Americans. We are Americans of British ancestry, African ancestry, Irish ancestry, German ancestry, Italian ancestry, Asian ancestry, Native American ancestry and people many other countries and continents. However, we are Americans first, last and always. This truth is the key to a peaceful and prosperous future for us and our posterity. Judeo-Christian values have built the greatest nation in history. (EW Jackson, Founder and President,

The Constitution Leadership Initiative CLI is a non-partisan organization devoted to promoting a better understanding of the U.S. Constitution among the American people. We pursue our mission through a series of initiatives such as conducting public seminars, symposia and debates on constitutional issues and developing a network of advocates at the state and local level who will keep a discussion of constitutional issues in the public view, through Letters to the Editor, newspaper and magazine articles, and other media. (Gary Porter, Executive Director,

Wallbuilders is dedicated to educating the nation concerning the Godly foundation of America, thereby encouraging Christians to be involved in the civic arena and provide feedback to federal, state, and local officials as they develop public policies which reflect Biblical values.
(David Barton,

Women Impacting the Nation Our mission is to educate and equip women with knowledge of God’s truth about issues that impact our faith, family and freedoms, and to support those who take a stand for those Judeo-Christian values upon which our country is founded. (Sue Trombino, President and Founder,

World History Institute proclaims America’s providential history through training disciples, developing documentaries, seminars, and tours. (Marshall Foster,