Masters Institute for Education (MIE) is a Uganda Christian Umbrella organization initiated by Ugandans to provide leadership for and coordinate the establishment and implementation of an effective, authentically Ugandan Christian education system. MIE is working to bring restoration to the education system through aligning Africa’s education system with God’s vision for the continent by providing an alternative education system in training the young for usefulness in their future stations by inspiring a generation of God fearing, hardworking and self-governed men and women of integrity. 

MIE is an education entity with a philosophy that looks at all life, including education from a Biblical world and Life’s view.  MIE’s educational system is therefore premised in a Historical and yet a scientific mode of Teaching and Learning, here code-named “The Bi-PriCE Approach” (Bi-PriCE stands for Biblical Principles to Christian Education) It’s sometimes in other places known as “The Principle Approach”. 

Godfrey Kyazze, CEO of MIE, first visited FACE in 2014. We were very excited as we listened to Godfrey carefully explain his vision to bring Principle Approach education to his nation of Uganda. He planned to start with a college to train teachers in this unique Biblical methodology. Over the years we have worked with Godfrey especially in the areas of curriculum and teacher training. We are very excited to see the fruit of this amazing ministry! Godfrey is the apostle of the Principle Approach to Uganda! To learn more visit the MIE website here.

MIE 2018 Report