Foundations Course Independent Study

The Foundations Course is the entry-level course in the Principle Approach philosophy, methodology and curriculum towards becoming a credentialed Principle Approach Master Teacher, if you so desire. The joy of forming like-minded study partnerships with Principle Approach teachers and fellow-students focuses upon authentic learning and the honing of the Biblical worldview and Christian scholarship.

The Foundations Course can be taken as an independent study on your own schedule. Please realize that if you desire to enter the Principle Approach Master Teacher Certification Program, you must travel to Chesapeake, Virginia for the Applications Course and Exhibition Course (the second and third summer of a three year course). Go here to learn more about the Master Teacher Certification Program.

View the Foundations Course Overview here. 

As an Independent Study you may register for the course, view teaching videos, and complete the assignments at your convenience on your time. You will not need to complete the course in a one week period in July as you would with either the onsite or live online options.

Tuition for the Foundations Independent Study Course is $350 per person. Click on the link below to register. Upon registration you will receive an introductory phone call from Max Lyons followed by a link to all course materials. Please contact Max Lyons at 757-488-6601 with any questions. 

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