Homeschooling Resources

Thank you for your interest in the Principle Approach to homeschooling and the Noah Plan. 

Here are a few of the resources that FACE has to help you explore both the methods of the Principle Approach and the Noah Plan which is the curricular items that we produce:

  • Explore Getting Started or Deepening Your Understanding to explore our website and training products.
  • There are a number of useful videos on the FACE YouTube channel here.
  • FACE is on Facebook here.
  • Principle Approach homeschooler Gena Glenn has written an eBook ($2.99) entitled the Principle Approach Primer, available on Amazon here.
  • Dr. Carole Adams has written  a short guide for homeschoolers. It is attached.
  • Consider joining the FACE Commonwealth Community on Facebook. As a member of this group you can ask your questions about the Noah Plan and the Principle Approach and get answers from veterans.
  • You can order a free FACE Resource Catalogue and/or view our catalog online here.
  • See FACE teacher training opportunities here  and also in our bookstore under Training here.