Our Biggest Sale of the Year

Our Biggest Sale of the Year. Everything 30% Off. All books. All curriculum. All videos. All resources. Everything. Start shopping November 27 through Monday, November 30 and SAVE. It’s the best time of the year to stock up for teaching, homeschooling, studying and great Christmas gifts. Click and save 30% when you apply code THANKS at … Continue reading “Our Biggest Sale of the Year”

How to teach Christian Character this Thanksgiving

Everyone loves stories, and telling stories is one of the most powerful ways to teach. It was the teaching method modeled by Jesus throughout the Gospels and proved to be one of the most instructive ways He mentored the disciples. The Thanksgiving season is the opportune time to teach the much-loved, Christian history classic, The … Continue reading “How to teach Christian Character this Thanksgiving”

Celebrate and teach an authentic Pilgrim Thanksgiving

I will praise the name of God with a song, and will magnify him with thanksgiving. Psalm 69:30 “…as one small candle may light a thousand, so the light here kindled hath shone to many, yea in some sort to our whole nation. Let the glorious name of Jehovah have all the praise.”  Governor William … Continue reading “Celebrate and teach an authentic Pilgrim Thanksgiving”

A beachhead in the confusion and misinformation of today.

The Founding Fathers of our nation had a clear conception of Christian character and Christian citizenship as part of the inseparable fabric of education. Did you ever wonder about the roots of the uniqueness of America that has held such promise for so many?  Today when the signs of the times seem disheartening, this is … Continue reading “A beachhead in the confusion and misinformation of today.”

Lost in politics? Learn the providential hand of God in America’s history.

Today, there is so much misunderstanding and confusion about politics, much argument and dissension. There is also a substantial ignorance in our nation about government.  If you find this to be true, then this book is the solution. Ben Gilmore, international speaker and teacher has written a timeless course on the bedrock principles of our … Continue reading “Lost in politics? Learn the providential hand of God in America’s history.”

Pastor Appreciation Day Sunday, October 11, 2020

Let the elders who rule well be considered worthy of double honor, especially those who labor in preaching and teaching. I Timothy 5:17 ESV Sunday, October 11 is Pastor Appreciation Day, a day to let your pastor know what a great job he is doing and encourage him in the ministry of the Word. Paul … Continue reading “Pastor Appreciation Day Sunday, October 11, 2020”

Discover America’s Christian History

Christianity astonished the world by establishing self-government which became the foundation stone of the United States of America. Two critical volumes now 20% off with code BMCONST The Christian History of the Constitution of the United States of America: Christian Self-Government Volume I (CHOC I) by Verna M. Hall was written to re-acquaint Americans with … Continue reading “Discover America’s Christian History”

Why teach grammar?

Classic Grammar curriculum 20% off with FREE video Forming language skills ensures competence in all other learning. In the early years of schooling, teaching Classic Grammar develops your child’s speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills through the delightful study of the best children’s literature.  Classic Grammar integrates lessons in composition, grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and character-building … Continue reading “Why teach grammar?”

Home is the source of Christian character.

Save 20% on classics specifically chosen for reading aloud with your children. Use code FAMILY at checkout. How can parents ensure the correct and full education of their children? Enjoying classic literature as a family by reading aloud together is one way. Take advantage of these family-centered volumes to strengthen your children in love for … Continue reading “Home is the source of Christian character.”