A beachhead in the confusion and misinformation of today.

The Founding Fathers of our nation had a clear conception of Christian character and Christian citizenship as part of the inseparable fabric of education.

Did you ever wonder about the roots of the uniqueness of America that has held such promise for so many?  Today when the signs of the times seem disheartening, this is an important question to ask and answer.  How did we become a self-governing nation and what does that mean today?

For over one hundred years Americans have not known or learned of America’s Christian History.  Five generations of Americans have produced a national ignorance concerning the Providential founding of this nation …. Today we have no proud heroes—no models of character, or leadership, to inspire our youth… no identity for courage, conscience or compassion to cherish as part of the proud fabric which a people weaves into its character and tradition.

The reason is not that we do not possess such a treasury of greatness and heroism. The reason is that we have allowed our treasury to be robbed and pillaged of its gold—the gold of Christian character. In so doing we have lost our vision of the destiny and purpose of God’s America.”

Teaching and Learning p. xiii

Teaching and Learning America’s Christian History: The Principle Approach, Rosalie Slater’s classic volume, establishes a beachhead for Christian parents, teachers, pastors in the confusion and misinformation of today.  Addressing the family, the church, and the school, it turns the tide of secularization flooding our culture today.  

The road home for Americans is paved with Biblical truth.  When we look at the world through Biblical lenses, hope replaces dread and practical steps appear.  This book is for parents, pastors, teachers, and all who love God and believe in liberty.   It is useful for family time, Sunday school class, Christian school curricula, and personal enlightenment to:

  • Get inspired about Constitutional liberty
  • Learn the seven Biblical principles basic to life, education, and government
  • Study the Hand of God in history – His Story – and even in geography
  • Follow a study guide to learn the leading ideas of liberty

Teaching and Learning America’s Christian History is a profoundly important resource for anyone who desires to understand the role of faith in liberty and how our Founders understood this necessary support of our republic. This is an essential source for every family that seeks to pass on truth and liberty to the next generation.

Lisa​ Becker, Dayspring Christian Academy

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