Lost in politics? Learn the providential hand of God in America’s history.

Today, there is so much misunderstanding and confusion about politics, much argument and dissension. There is also a substantial ignorance in our nation about government. 

If you find this to be true, then this book is the solution. Ben Gilmore, international speaker and teacher has written a timeless course on the bedrock principles of our United States Constitution. 

Principles of American Government is written as a study guide that will take you through the principles of our liberty that compose our United States government. It is Biblical enough to use in your Sunday School or Bible study group. It can also be used as a high school curriculum or for homeschool. 

If you are lost in politics, this book will help you understand and reason through the principles of liberty.

Before I took Mr. Gilmore’s course, I was lost in politics. Sure, I knew Biblical precepts to govern my life, but I had no idea that God built the foundations for government itself. I encourage any student or parent to take this class and learn the basis and proper application of government as designed by the Creator.

Peter Kinney, Sacramento, California

Principles of American Government, by Ben Gilmore, The Foundation for American Christian Education, May 2020, 8 1/2” X 11” soft cover, includes charts, timelines, study questions, and more. 140 pages., $29.95.

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