Praying for our youth and the nation

Carey Woodruff, Executive Vice President, represented FACE at the Kiwanis Clubs of South Hampton Roads National Day of Prayer Breakfast held in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Carey offered the prayer for the youth of our nation. This event was the 26th annual prayer breakfast sponsored by the Hampton Roads Kiwanis Clubs and nearly 250 individuals gathered … Continue reading “Praying for our youth and the nation”

Why I give my life for Christian education

By Dr. Max Lyons This is to explain my view on the idea of reforming the public schools vs. using our time and energy to build, create, strengthen, fund, market, pray for Biblical Christian education, either schools or homeschools. For one, it is a matter of opportunity cost. We all have limited resources. Where would God … Continue reading “Why I give my life for Christian education”

Cultivating Christian Character and Conscience

Planting the seeds of a Biblical worldview:Part Two in a series by Dr. Carole Adams. Read Part One here. The mission of Christian schooling is to form genuine, lasting discipleship and a comprehensive Biblical worldview in God’s children. Yet, many Christian school graduates succumb to the overwhelming influence of the secular culture, leaving the church … Continue reading “Cultivating Christian Character and Conscience”

Podcast with Dr. Carole Adams and Terry Beatley

Do you agree with the following statement? Education today determines tomorrow’s philosophy and scope of government, quality of culture, influence of the church, strength of the family, and the health of our economy. Lenin, Stalin, Hitler and other dictators knew that if they could get control of education, they could control future generations and the … Continue reading “Podcast with Dr. Carole Adams and Terry Beatley”

God is moving!

Over the past months, Carey Woodruff and Carole Adams have travelled many miles to meet with God’s amazing people in five states, and by video conference to more, making presentations and renewing partnerships with teachers, administrators, parents, and patriots who are sensing with us that God is moving!  There is a new courage among Christians to … Continue reading “God is moving!”

Rescuing Our Children: Virginia

It’s not too late to attend two more events in Virginia. The Foundation for American Christian Education and StoneBridge School are pleased to present Rescuing Our Children with internationally acclaimed journalist and author Alex Newman. Alex will be in Virginia in four locations as part of a nationwide Christian Education Speaking Tour beginning in May … Continue reading “Rescuing Our Children: Virginia”

Podcast with Dr. Carole Adams and J.R. Hoeft

Dr. Carole Adams joins host, J.R. Hoeft, on his podcast to discuss the reason for the organization, the curriculum they provide to both private educators and those who home school, in particular, “The Principle Approach“, STEM as part of their curriculum, the success of students who subscribe to this method, adult and continuing education, and religious plurality. J.R. … Continue reading “Podcast with Dr. Carole Adams and J.R. Hoeft”

Plant the seeds of a Biblical Worldview and watch them grow

Biblical worldview rests on foundational Biblical Principles: Part One in a series by Dr. Carole Adams. Read Part Two here. To grow an apple tree, we plant a seed, not a cup of applesauce. The seed has within it a new tree; applesauce is the derivative product from the fruit of the mature tree. To … Continue reading “Plant the seeds of a Biblical Worldview and watch them grow”

Christian Education Initiative Launch

Dear FACE Friends, To rebuild the culture multi-generationally, we must begin with teaching the children. At FACE, we know that every major issue of concern to Christians today began in America’s schoolrooms.    “A nation which is humble enough to begin with its children in the constructing of its foundations for liberty may once again have … Continue reading “Christian Education Initiative Launch”

Come learn YOUR U.S. Constitution

Constitution Leadership Initiative (CLI) will present a one-day seminar on the U.S. Constitution to encourage a better understanding of the U.S. Constitution among the American people.   Arm yourself with “the power which knowledge gives.” James Madison to W.T. Barry, 1822 U.S. Constitution Seminar Saturday, March 30 from 9am-4pmLiberty Baptist Church, 15810 Liberty Church Rd,  Lanexa, Virginia … Continue reading “Come learn YOUR U.S. Constitution”