The Seven Principles of Liberty Video Course

What are the Seven Principles of Liberty? These basic, Biblical principles are the pathway to restore and maintain our Constitutional liberty. 

Today, if we would preserve both liberty of conscience and civil liberty for every individual in America, we must base our convictions in every issue on the principles that built our American Christian Constitution. 

Liberal pundits most often sway public opinion by debating issues. However, Christians can once again win the day by learning to present the principles of liberty because principles always trump issues. This is the pathway forward to restore our nation to truth and life. 

These Seven Principles of Liberty are based in three foundational ideas: 

  • How the character of America is formed in the Christian home, the Christian church and the Christian school 
  • How the property of conscience is the end and purpose of government 
  • How the study and embodiment of basic Christian constitutional principles can be delegated to every aspect of the individual’s spheres of self-government: home, business, school, social and political circles 

In each lesson we will uncover and discuss one of the Seven Principles that under-gird our U.S. Christian Constitution. You will be become an influencer, able to readily defend our liberty and restore light to our nation

Order this seven part video course, plus an introduction session, today. Perfect for use in homeschools, Christian schools, churches, Sunday school classes or home group studies. Approximately 14 hour video download produced from the 2019 Lesson in Liberty series. Now only $60.