Bring the study of geography to life through the doorway of a literature classic.

Geography is a too-often neglected subject, either entirely forgotten or else buried in a social studies curriculum. However it comes to life when using the Principle Approach, the Biblical classic method. Knowledge of the world is essential to fulfilling the dominion mandate, and knowledge of world geography teaches God’s principle of individuality and His creative power.

One key aspect of the Principle Approach is the ability to teach multiple subjects at the same time to different age levels. Our teacher guide shows you how to use the story of Pinocchio, a timeless literature classic, to teach geography combined with literature in the same lesson plans.

Pinocchio, by Carlo Collodi, addresses the theme of conscience and its important role in building character. Using the Principle Approach notebook method, you can introduce the very interesting setting of the book, Florence, Italy, to teach geography. This method frees learning and allows the student to progress individually, mastering basic geography, reading, grammar and literary skills.

Detailed directions for each lesson include: principles to be taught from the story, the content of the lessons and instruction on how to incorporate language skills through the study. It also teaches map-making skills to learn of nations, continents, cities, rivers and seas.

The package includes: 

The Noah Plan History and Geography Curriculum Guide, by Elizabeth L. YoumansThis thorough guide is an introduction and detailed instruction on using the Principle Approach method to teach history and geography. It includes curriculum overview charts for grades K-high school, a Biblical classical philosophy of education, detailed overview for teaching geography, maps, charts, illustrations, plus listings of references and other resources. Softcover, 353 pages.

Pinocchio, by Carlo Collodi Children’s classic story about a puppet who dreams of becoming a real boy, and the lessons he learns with the help of his conscience. The children’s classic story of Pinocchio is used together with the Pinocchio Teacher Guide and Student Packet. Black and white illustrations. Softcover, 167 pages.

Pinocchio Teacher Guide, developed by Rosalie J. Slater This teacher guide gives the notebook method background for teaching Pinocchio, including “The Classic Literature Program.” It breaks down the study of Pinocchio into the seven loves of literature written in The Noah Plan® Literature Curriculum Guide. Pinocchio, illustrating the “principle of conscience” (from Teaching and Learning America’s Christian History), teaches children the lifelong lesson—to value our conscience. Includes lesson plans, maps, word studies, elements of literature, English grammar and more. Softcover, 34 pages.

Pinocchio Student Notebook Packet, supplement to Pinocchio Teacher Guide, includes sample student notebook pages, character study outlines, story maps and coloring pages to bring the classic to life. Each notebook packet is designed to give activities for one student through the entire study of the classic to include timeline, vocabulary, syntax, geography and an Italy Day celebration. Softcover, three-hole punched, 23 pages.

Map Makers Kit, provides tools for geography lessons as directed in The Noah Plan for kindergarten through eighth grade for map making and works with The Noah Plan History and Geography Curriculum Guide. Includes Compact World Atlas, softcover, color illustrations and maps, 192 pages, The Noah Plan Map Standard, blank maps, quality colored pencils, 12″ wooden ruler.

The Journal V “Designing a Curriculum for a Christian Civilization” (FREE Gift) A publication of the Foundation for American Christian Education. This special issue of The Journal contains articles designed to teach and demonstrate Biblical classical education or The Principle Approach. It is an essential tool for training in the historic Biblical classical method of education that produced the highest level of literacy in our nation and prepared our Founding Fathers in forming our Biblical constitutional republic. Includes a model art lesson and “Training Student Leaders for the 21st Century” by Paul Jehle. Softcover, 226 pages.

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