Thinking and Reasoning Biblically in 2020

One of the most critical changes we have witnessed in American education has been the change away from the reasoning, writing and reflecting ability so prominent in the generations that produced our nation’s founding documents. 

Rosalie J. Slater, Nation Makers

Today in our nation, progressive methods dominate schooling as introduced by socialist John Dewey in the last century, explaining the increasing advocacy for a socialist government today.

The ability to define a Biblical philosophy of government was the result of a colonial education in principles. We are faced with educating a new generation of citizens capable of self-government by returning to Biblical methods that anchor a student in Christian character, competent literacy, and a thorough knowledge of providential history.

Teach the Children:

Our national liberty depends on American Christians teaching each new generation the Biblical principles that sustain freedom.

  1. To be truly free, know your Bible.
  2. The home is the first sphere of government.
  3. God’s providence—His care and governance of the world—is the story of your life.

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