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The Principle Approach is America’s historic Christian method of Biblical reasoning which make the truths of God’s Word the basis of every subject in the school curriculum.

Rosalie Slater

The Principle Approach is a way of thinking and living by Truth.

Principle Approach School Parent

Discover a Biblical and historically successful approach to your curriculum. 

This book is for YOU—the parent teacher or classroom teacher—to equip you with the elements of a dynamic approach to education. In Renewing the Mind for Teaching and Learning you will find a new paradigm to inspire you and release you from the drudgery of “canned” approaches to educating children, bringing a joy that is limitless, fresh every day and restores a love of learning.

You will learn how to:

  • Teach using a time-tested method of successful education
  • Master the joy and spirit of subject material—vocabulary, principles and leading ideas
  • Establish the purpose of learning—overviews, timelines, maps, goals
  • Construct a solid Biblical and academic curriculum
  • Create an appealing learning environment providing the right tools
  • Consistently uphold the standards of Christian scholarship and character
  • Celebrate learning by incorporating music, art, drama, pageantry, performance and all the arts

Renewing the Mind for Teaching and Learning is a self-directed study in the Principle Approach, a new way of thinking by today’s standards that views all life and learning through a Biblical lens.

A Biblical philosophy of education begets a fresh approach to both curriculum and method. Start the new year by “renewing your mind for teaching and learning”. This self-directed study is the first step in the process of restoring true Biblical education, the source of liberty and Christian self-government.

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