The Art and Practice of Teaching and Learning.

“We truly had an extraordinary two weeks with God’s blessing evident every day in multiple ways.

We will reap from years to come what was sown in these two sessions. Relationships were formed that will last a lifetime.  Schools, homeschool hybrids, study groups and church classes will be planted that will affect thousands, even tens of thousands or more, in years to come.”

Dr. Max Lyons, Director of Teaching Services, FACE

FACE conducted two highly productive 2020 summer training seminars. The five-day intensives focused on the philosophy, methods and curriculum of Biblical classical Principle Approach education.  FACE hosted the Foundations course July 12-17 and the Applications course July 19-24. Over 150 participants were on campus or online representing teachers and administrators from16 schools blanketing several states across the nation, five countries, homeschooling parents, traditional Christian schools and hybrid school models. Also attending were Christian ministry and business leaders, plus several advanced high school students.

The Foundations and Applications courses teach a Biblical philosophy of education and government that applies to the family, church, school, community, state and nation. It is said that one teacher influences as many as three million people in a teaching career, making an immense, vital and long term difference in the community. The training and development of these teachers, future teachers and Christian leaders will impact the culture for many years to come.

Praise from our 2020 participants:

“Thank you for making a way for me to come. My life has been filled with hope and purpose again. I feel equipped and supplied for the battle ahead, literally to rescue our children.” 

“I would like to express my gratitude to God and FACE for the wonderful training we had. It was an incredible experience….I learned many precious and effective things, my mind was renewed and transformed in many aspects”

“I am having a wonderful time with my staff this week. I am ready to continue on the ‘pathway to learning.’”

“Thank you and all presenters who conducted the Foundations Course. Excellent as usual, inspiring and uplifting, especially during these current events.”