Dan Smithwick receives The Verna Marie Hall Research Award

Dr. Carole G. Adams, President of FACE, presented the 2020 Verna Marie Hall Research Award on July 16, 2020 to Dan Smithwick, President of Nehemiah Institute. Mr. Smithwick is the creator of the PEERS Test that assesses the Biblical worldview of students in the areas of Politics, Economics, Education, Religion and Social issues. The assessment provides a statistically valid testing instrument measuring an individual’s worldview in areas of great importance to both personal and social life. The test was begun in 1987.

The mission of the Nehemiah Institute is to unleash a massive spiritual awakening within the Christian community by helping Christian organizations, and the individuals and families they serve, establish quantifiable standards for worldview education, and a personal plan for each individual to achieve and maintain a Biblical worldview.

The Verna Marie Hall Research Award honors FACE co-founder Verna Hall, whose research and documentation of the Christian history of the Constitution of the United States of America has equipped generations with the knowledge to protect the liberty our Founders intended, and inspires others to further research and teaching. The Award was established by FACE co-founder and first president, Rosalie June Slater, and is given periodically to acknowledge an exceptional contribution that encourages the knowledge and understanding of our US Constitution.

Kay Brigham was the first recipient of the Verna Marie Hall Research Award in 1992, in recognition of her work as translator of the “Columbus Book of Prophecies” in honor of the Quincentennial celebration of the first Columbus voyage.