Teach your children to love their neighbor

Commandment VII:
You shall not commit adultery.
Exodus 20:14

The seventh commandment expresses the honor we are to give to the purity of our neighbor. William Ames writes, “Chastity is a virtue, whereby the purity of his person is preserved in respect to those things which pertain to generation.”* While Matthew Henry states, “We should be as much afraid of that which defiles the body, as of that which destroys it.”

What does this commandment teach us?

Purity is a virtue and is expressed in both inward and outward actions.

Purity honors and protects the family as the basic unit of society.

Purity is a protection to the generations to honor family.

Consider and Ponder: To honor the seventh commandment is important to society as a whole. It gives respect to those things which preserve family and keeps us from things which undermine family.

*See The Marrow of Sacred Divinity by William Ames, translated by William H. Gross, OntheWing.org.

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