Teach your children to respect property

Commandment VIII:
You shall not steal.
Exodus 20:15

The eighth commandment is the law of love as it respects the property of others,” says Matthew Henry. “What are we not to steal? We are not to steal by which every man has lawful dominion of.”*

What does this commandment teach us?

We are not to steal a human being.

We are not to steal someone’s property.

We are not to steal those things which are a right of humanity. That would include someone’s reputation, trust, dignity or intellectual property.

Consider and Ponder: The eighth commandment teaches us justice to our neighbor, in all those things given to one by God for his dominion and use.

*See also The Marrow of Sacred Divinity by William Ames, translated by William H. Gross, OntheWing.org.

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