FACE presents at VATP

The VA Tea Party celebrated their 10th Anniversary in Richmond, Virginia on Saturday, June 22 with 120 registered guests. Dr Rodd Rodriguez’s Creeping Disease of Socialism presentation was well received. Many declared they wanted him to speak again! Additionally, he explained the uniqueness of Noah Webster’s 1828 American Dictionary

Mary Leedom, of Yorktown, was the winner of Noah Webster’s 1828 American Dictionary, published and donated by The Foundation for American Christian Education. Mary was one of many who signed up to win and was delighted to receive this treasured gift.

Pictured above L-R: Chris Evans, author and FACE Historian; Dr. Rodd Rodriguez, VATP guest Speaker from FACE;  Tricia Stall, FACE Board of Directors; and Don Blake, President, Virginia Christian Alliance, Richmond. All enjoyed connecting with old friends and making many new ones! 

Pictured left L-R: Stephen  Moore, President Trump’s Economic Advisor and Fmr. Nominee to the Federal Reserve, Trumponomics author, @Heritage Economist, @WSJ Writer, @FreedomWorks Sr. Econ Contributor, was the VATP Keynote Speaker. Steven’s message included sharing his experience facing down the radical left’s slanderous smear campaign, and the Trump economy successes. Emily Stack, Grassroots Dir., FreedomWorks, Tricia Stall, FACE Bd. of Directors, and Phil Bell, Dir. of External Relations, Freedomworks.

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