God’s vision for Christian liberty changes nations.

Learn America’s Christian History with this classic account of the faith and courage of our nation’s founders. Christian History of the American Revolution: Consider and Ponder, now 40% off with code BMCNP

But whoso looketh into the perfect law of liberty, and continueth therein, he being not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the word, this man shall be blessed in his deed.

James 1:25 KJV

This is one of the most important resources needed in your Christian History Library. The Christian History of the American Revolution: Consider and Ponder is a compilation by Verna M. Hall of primary source documents by the Founders of the United States testifying to their faith in God during the War for Independence and their intention to establish the Law of Liberty, Christian Self-Government, as the basis of the American Republic. Miss Hall prayed that it would “be used of the Lord to awaken and stir the minds and hearts of American Christians throughout our land so they will be willing to assume their responsibility for returning America to the principles of civil Christian government.”

Internal Christian Liberty Relates to External Civil Freedom

Verna M. Hall

The Law of Liberty had a threefold relation to the founding of America: its colonization, the War for Independence, and the formation of the American Christian Constitution. The Law of Liberty has an equally important relation to the restoring and maintaining of our Christian civil government.

To “consider” America’s Christian history, means to thoroughly “ponder” what the nation America is, in the Christian era; to attentively weigh America’s unique and excellent form of government; to think what an American Christian’s responsibility might be to maintain the original intent of our Constitution.

It is by diligently “pondering” the cause of America’s history, that the American Christian begins to understand the goodness of God in bringing the nation America into being for His Gospel purpose.

To “consider” America’s Christian history means to behold the Hand of God in all events leading to the Declaration of Independence and Constitutional Convention. 

It is more than a passing glance at our country or an occasional patriotic thought.

Although we are a nation advanced in technical achievements and material wealth, we have strayed far afield from the “first principles” of Christianity and our ability to relate them to all spheres of life. This is a book for American Christians that want to “rebuild the foundations of America in the sanctity of their homes, churches and Christian educational institutions.”

The Christian History of the American Revolution: Consider and Ponder compiled by Verna M. Hall with the Index of Leading Ideas by Rosalie J. Slater Hardbound gold embossed cover, 700 pages with illustrations. Regular price of $42.95 now only $25.77 with code BMCNP.

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