Safeguarding America’s Treasures

Restoration of  the Hall-Slater Library rare volumes has begun.

The FACE Hall-Slater collection of books, sermons, manuscripts, journals, and pamphlets documenting the Christian history of the United States Constitution, with holdings dating from 16th century, safeguards the very spirit of the American Republic.  A fund has been established by a FACE friend and supporter for the repair of some of the most fragile volumes.

Beginning with a three-volume set of John Locke, the hand-written facsimile of William Bradford’s History of Plimoth Plantation, and two volumes of Montesquieu’s The Spirit of Laws, the restoration has begun. Mr. Alain Roullet, of Long’s Roullet Bookbinders, is a master book binder who serves a fast vanishing craft, completed the first round and presented them to Carole Adams and Gary Porter beautifully bound to “last forever” thanks to the quality of the parchment used in printing the books several centuries ago.

If you love the old books and would like to partner in their safeguarding, please send any size contribution to FACE today! Donate Now.