Bonding Parents to Your Mission

Open a “Red Book” on nearly any page and you will be mining gold.  We shared one particular nugget in summer teacher training that everyone treasures:  The Christian Home.  Every teacher and every school seeks strong relationships with the parents and homes served for the best partnership in educating the children because “…the development of … Continue reading “Bonding Parents to Your Mission”

Renewing the Mind for Teaching and Learning

The thirst for learning is so apparent in young children and each new day provides a platform for exploration. But as children grow and mature, the desire for knowledge is often dulled by secular ideas and the joy of study and learning is extinguished by mind-numbing curriculum. How can Christian parents combat the anti-Biblical forces … Continue reading “Renewing the Mind for Teaching and Learning”

Nation Makers holds the secret for America to endure as a self-governing nation.

Nation Makers: the Art of Self-government plants the Idea of America in the hearts and minds of Americans in each new generation and is not a history course although it imparts an important foundational understanding of all history. It is not a philosophy course although it deals primarily with worldview. It is not a Bible course … Continue reading “Nation Makers holds the secret for America to endure as a self-governing nation.”

The Only Biblical Worldview Dictionary

Webster’s 1828 Dictionary is a unique and essential tool for educating today’s Christian.  It has the greatest number of Biblical definitions of any dictionary, it develops a way of thinking that forms your worldview and it increases an understanding of God’s purpose in every area of life. Hardcover, 2,000 page edition with a gold embossed … Continue reading “The Only Biblical Worldview Dictionary”