Land That I Love

FACE is excited to announce that we now have in stock Land That I Love, Restoring Our Christian Heritage by Bobbie Ames. Bobbie was mentored personally by  Verna Hall and Rosalie Slater. She founded Emerald Mountain Christian School and provided Principle Approach education to students for over 50 years!

Dr. Carole Adams has this to say about Land That I Love:

A serious scholar and patriot whose love of America’s Christian history is infectious, Bobbie Ames’ book is an act of love—love for the Lord and for His Story. Her essays have graced the lives of many as she faithfully delivered her heart through her writing over decades. This collection sets the memorial stones in place as a trust for future generations who, if we have done our work, will ask, “What do these stones mean?” She tells the stories with a heartfelt faith honed through her years of founding Christian schools, teaching children, and investing the gifts God gave her in his people. There is no more meaningful way of renovating the age than learning and teaching America’s Christian history.

Land That I Love is a great resource for teaching our true history. Get a copy and read it yourself, use with teaching children, or buy as a gift!  Now available at the FACE Bookstore.