Get a New Perspective

Max Lyons

Hello, Max Lyons here. I’m the Director of Teaching Services for FACE. I want to invite you to get a new perspective on teaching and learning by attending the Foundations Course this summer at FACE. It’s going to be July 11- 16 here in Chesapeake Virginia, live online, or anytime. I really encourage you to attend in person if at all possible as you will enjoy the added benefits of tours of StoneBridge School, the Hall-Slater library and a Christian history tour of Jamestown. Also there is the networking with other like-minded Christian educators, meeting your teachers face to face and forming relationships that could last a lifetime!

So what is the Foundations Course? It is a course to explore the Biblical foundations of teaching and learning. In it you will learn how to “take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ”. This is a course for parents, homeschoolers, pastors, professors, and teachers from private, Christian and public schools. If you teach or plan to teach at home, in church or in a school or university these are essential understandings for you.  Honestly, just about any believer could benefit from the Foundations Course. 

In the FACE Foundations course you will learn:

  1. The “how to” of Biblical reasoning
  2. The practice of the methods that form Christian character and Christian self-government
  3. Mastery of the Biblical classical approach that measurably forms the Biblical worldview for all of life.

Our faculty of teaching scholars will guide you as you deepen your understanding of the Biblical world view, learn the exciting approach to history known as Providential history, study the seven governmental principles of America’s founding, be amazed by the little-known history of education in America, and study the rudiments of the Principle Approach, America’s historic method of Biblical reasoning which makes the truths of God’s Word the basis of every subject in the curriculum. 

You will hear a view of subjects that you probably have never known as we explore the Biblical approach to teaching English, literature, grammar, math, history and geography.

Come join us for this life-changing week, July 11-16, 2021, and be inspired in your vision of being a part of revival and reformation in our great nation.