Year End Giving

You can impact many generations of youth for real and lasting change in our nation.

Dear Friend,

Together, we are taking back the education of Christian children in America! The momentum is building as pastors and leaders across the nation urgently call Christian families to exit the secular, government schools that have redefined truth and freedom away from Christ and unleashed evil in opposition to the liberty brought by the Gospel. We are witnessing a new awareness among God’s people to take a stand for our children and for their future. The energy and trust you place in the Lord for restoration is impactful.

With your investment we are making Biblical Christian education accessible to families across the nation. The Foundation for American Christian Education (FACE), with your support, is on a well-paced path to: 

  • Develop 50 Principle Approach demonstration schools replicating the successful model that forms a comprehensive Biblical worldview through K-12 education in homes or schools.
  • Train teachers in the FACE Principle Approach Master Teacher Certification program for schools everywhere.
  • Influence parents, grandparents, pastors, educators through Principled Studies Groups in communities, schools, and churches to enlighten adult decision-makers of the pathway to restoring the culture through education.

I am asking you to prayerfully consider the Foundation for American Christian Education in your year-end giving. This can be in the form of an immediate impact gift—or a longer term, strategic partnership in our Plan.

The evidence is unmistakable: our youth today are growing up in a culture that undermines faith, truth, beauty, and freedom. In combating a culture like this, how do we raise up future generations with confidence, integrity, and a God-centered faith and life. How will they become citizens of the kingdom of God in a culture that robs their identity?

Our teens each day filter through their social media feeds… finding their worth in a sea of false identities, listening to the voices of false teachers, and observing leaders with no morals, no truth, no virtue, and thinking ‘What will I become?’ Common Sense Media reports, “Teens are spending more than one-third of their days using media such as online video or music—nearly nine hours on average, according to a new study from the family technology education non-profit group.”

In contrast, Biblical Christian education becomes the framework on which we develop ourselves as individuals, form our character, and prepare to serve Christ. It grounds us in the sovereignty and divine order of God and His creation. It instills the character of the Republic necessary to sustain and protect liberty.

God KNOWS each of us needs and longs for purpose, an identity in Him, and something greater than our finite selves to be confident and fruitful. The question of ‘What will I become’ can easily be answered when it is rooted in ‘who God is’ and ‘what is my purpose’. Scripture tells us that our purpose is to live to God. When we are given the precious gift of a child, with the calling to teach them to live to God, we know that every formative thing should direct them to God. Somehow as they get older, we forget what that looks like in education and child rearing.

Your eyes saw my unformed substance; in your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them.

Psalm 139:16

However dire the current situation in our nation, together we can change it in a generation by giving children the Biblical Christian education God mandates.

Education by nature is formative of a culture. Just think! You and I can impact many generations of youth for real and lasting change in our nation.

Together we are preparing the way for families to save their children from the clutches of the secular government schools, which inoculate them to the Gospel, by igniting authentic Biblical Christian education—the method called the Principle Approach. Here is how a student explains it in a public testimony: 

In my eighth-grade year I wanted desperately for my Mom to pull me out of school and homeschool me.  My mother would not. She knew what I needed and why I was in a Principle Approach school. Now, as a senior, I understand why, that my education is building my character and shaping my mind which is much more important than anything.  It wasn’t until I understood my purpose that I could appreciate my education.

FACE meets the needs of new schools starting in churches and communities across America with a complete “FACE School Tool Kit” that equips the leaders with materials, training, and on-going mentoring to ensure success. With your help, the goal of raising $250,000 by January 1, 2020 can be met and will position FACE to launch the program immediately with twelve schools and closes the remaining budget gap for 2019.

Only with your partnership will we be able to achieve the noble goal to restore America to its full potential by restoring the integrity of Biblical Christian education to its fullest power beginning with the child.

Please prayerfully consider the Foundation for American Christian Education in your year-end giving with an immediate impact gift or a long-term, strategic commitment to our Plan.

Education in Biblical principles is the most important step to ensure our nation returns to, and continues to preserve liberty and self-government. We will move forward as God moves His people to get involved.

Will you partner with us to build on the momentum and vision that is surging today? Your gift of any amount will make a difference.

We are at a defining moment in history requiring vision, courage, and strong sacrifices to turn the tide. It can only be done by taking back the education of our children and ensuring multi-generational faithfulness. Their future and our future is at stake.

God is moving on behalf of our children throughout the country and nations, and God has raised up FACE for this very purpose. Offering a solution for Christian parents, the Principle Approach method produces solid Biblical thinking in students that has been measurably documented for thirty years as the most successful model. Principle Approach is restorative… I will restore to you the years the locusts have eaten… Joel 2:25. 

Let’s make Principle Approach education possible for any family!

For His Story,

Carey Woodruff
Executive Vice-President

P.S. Thank you for your most generous gift today. It is truly appreciated. If we love the gospel, our neighbors and freedom, Christians must take up the cultural task with faith and courage. We count you as a vital partner in this work.

P.S.S. FACE is investing in bold young leaders trusting the power of the Word of God not only to restore their generation, but also to trust the multi-generational impact a Biblical worldview has in a culture. Please read, A Three-Part Plan to Stop America’s Decline and Restore our Biblical Hetitage, defining the role of the home, the church and the Christian school, and FACE’s mission in action for each.

Please see our “Report to Partners” for the exciting progress we’re making together. Click here to look ahead to 2020 and a special offer for your gift of $1,000 or more.