2019 Fall Report to Our Partners

Imagine with us a generation of children who recognize the sovereignty of God in all of life,who discern right from wrong, who understand law as the instrument of good to nurture good, protect goodness, and build good families, who speak from their consciences with conviction, who envision their destinies as fulfilling God’s purposes for their lives, and who understand America as God’s instrument of bringing civil liberty to men. This is what we see happening as the FACE Plan unfolds.

Because of your involvement, celebrate with us as we report how the Lord has gone before us, stirring hearts, awakening courage, and bringing hope for the future of our children in a significant and timely establishment of fifty Principle Approach Demonstration schools and teaching centers across the nation. 

  • Christian Education Initiative Summit 
  • Enlightening the Nation Study Groups
  • Pastors Briefing
  • Christian Education Initiative Summit
  • Enlightening the Nation Study Groups
  • Rescuing Our Children and Our Nation
  • 2019-20 Lessons in Liberty
  • Ways to Pray for FACE
  • Ways to Give to FACE

We move forward as God moves His people to get involved. Thank you!

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