Partner with us

Monthly Restoring Partners are our greatest stabilizers: those who choose to walk with us through consistent investment – aware that we make our plans based on monthly commitments.  When you walk with us, FACE grows strong and your influence is extended through the mission that connects the Christian spirit and character to America’s original purpose in liberty.  Through your gifts, you will help equip parents, teachers, pastors, and patriots to influence a new generation.  Your monthly Restoring Partner gifts ensure a steady stream of FACE outreach continues 12 months a year.

With every gift you help us:

  • Deliver truth in education in local communities at grassroots level where Christian families are searching for a means of educating their children in truth. 
  • Continue providing the wealth of resources flowing for Christian schools, home schools, churches, and associated ministries by print, on-line, and social media
  • Train Christian teachers and parents to implement Principle Approach in K-12 education in schools and at home
  • Mentor and equip new Principle Approach school start-ups in localities around the country and the world to set anchors of truth in education as outreach at grassroots level to impact communities
  • Cultivate the future Christian leaders in the next generation prepared to lead the nation righteously and in accord with God’s purposes for America