Good news for ACSI Teacher Certification

Dear FACE teachers, administrators and others,

We have a big Announcement! FACE has just been approved to offer the ACSI Christian Philosophy of Education Course. This is required for teachers to obtain their teacher certificate from ACSI.

By completing our “Foundations of Authentic Christian Teaching and Learning” course, with a little additional work, a teacher will also complete the ACSI Christian Philosophy of Education Requirement. Click here for the details.

This is a tremendous benefit to our hard working teachers, as this allows them to utilize work from one course to also satisfy the requirements for another course, thus saving them time and energy.

The Foundations Course also provides five (5) ACSI CEUs for those who already have an ACSI Teacher Certificate.

FACE is very excited to provide this added benefit to teachers attending the Foundations Course.  Please contact me with any questions. 

Sincerely in Christ,
Max Lyons, Ph.D.
Director of Teaching Services