Lessons in Liberty 2019-20 Series

The 2019-2020 Lessons in Liberty Lecture Series is a primer of American liberty and our Constitution. The Bible has been our textbook of civil, religious, economic, and educational liberty, producing our Christian constitutional Republic. The Bible and the Constitution is a distillation of the major ideas in The Christian History of the Constitution by Verna Hall and Teaching and Learning America’s Christian History by Rosalie Slater.

Join us each month, October 2019 through June 2020 (excluding December) online or in our classroom, as we study together the influenced of the Bible in forming our Constitution. In each session we will teach and learn one major idea from The Bible and the Constitution. You will be become an influencer, able to readily defend our liberty and restore light to our nation.

Speakers include Dr. Max Lyons, Dr. Gai Ferdon, Gary Porter, and Dr. Rodd Rodriguez. Included are lectures, copies of PowerPoint slides and handouts. Sessions may be accessed live in our classroom, live online, or at your convenience through watching the recorded presentation.

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A charge of $99 for the entire ten-part series (individual or family) includes live presentations (in our classroom or online via live streaming) video-recorded sessions, one copy of The Bible and the Constitution, and handouts. Individual sessions are $10 each, but do not include the Bible and the Constitution booklet.

October 7, 2019
Introduction to The Bible and the Constitution

Presented by Gary Porter
Pages 1-10 The Bible and The Constitution

Our national problems today are manifold: staggering, unaddressed national debt; porous borders which admit thousands of illegal immigrants each and every day; cries for more and more government control of our lives; a public education system which has clearly failed us; and a Christian church which seems either to not understand the magnitude of the problem or which simply does not care.  Verna Hall, were she alive to contemplate this situation would have a ready response: “The American Christians’ forgetting God’s works, God’s actions, in the forming of America, is at the bottom, or base of our national problems,” she would say, as she does in her essay entitled: Why We Must Remember America’s Christian History, A Study of Psalm 78.

The Bible shows us multiple examples of people turning from God. Those results are generally not pretty. “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness,” says Paul to Timothy.  If so, there is a lesson to be found in Psalm 78, which will begin our Lessons in Liberty study of The Bible and the Constitution.

November 4, 2019
Our Heritage of Christian Character and Government

Presented by Dr. Max Lyons
Pages 12-20 The Bible and The Constitution

This session will answer these important questions: Do Americans still have the capacity for self-government which our Founders demonstrated when they launched the world’s first Christian republic? Have the failures of our basic institutions—the home, the church, and the school eroded our “capacity  for self-government”, that legacy of liberty bequeathed to us by all those who helped establish Constitutional government— Christian self-government with voluntary union— the basic principle of American Federalism? What remains of this legacy to leave to our posterity?

January 6, 2020
The Birth of Local Self Government

Presented by Gary Porter
Pages 21-27 The Bible and The Constitution

Gary Porter will show how the unique idea of local self-government was birthed in our nation. This Biblical idea was first manifested in the Hebrew Republic, the God-given government of the Israelites. The next time we see it fully manifested in history was 3,000 years later in the American colonies! Our founders established Christian self-government in 1781 because they had practiced it for over 150 years in their individual lives, their families and in their churches.

February 3, 2020
The American Home: Foundation for Constitutional Character

Presented by Dr.Max Lyons
Pages 27-35 The Bible and the Constitution

“Home was identified in Colonial America as the first sphere of government. No single institution in America contributes more significantly to the success or failure of Constitutional government than the American home. It is in the home where the foundation of character is laid and where self-government must be first learned and practiced.” (Hall and Slater) We will discuss why and how the Christian home must be restored to its Biblical purpose and practice in order for our Republic to survive. A crucial aspect of this is the restoration of classical, Biblical education seen as a conviction by parents.

March 2, 2020
The American Church: Conscience and Constitution

Presented by Dr. Rodd Rodriguez
Pages 35-43 The Bible and The Constitution

The role of the church in society in the formation of our nation was very different than it is today. This is one major reason we are losing our Biblical character and Biblical model of government. In our founding years citizens looked to their pastors to understand the Biblical principles of self and civil government. This documentation is preserved in what is referred to as election sermons. Pastors need to grasp their role of teaching the whole counsel of God and consequently the people will follow and fulfill their role as Biblically thinking and acting citizens.

April 6, 2020
American Education, Maintaining the Character of American Liberty

Presented by Dr. Rodd Rodriguez.
Pages 44-49 The Bible and The Constitution

One cannot possibly judge the educational establishment today without knowing the history of American education. Neither can one embrace the solutions to our educational ills until they understand the extent of our departure from Biblical ideals in education. This session will explain our two centuries of private, most Biblical education as well as our progression, over the last two centuries from non-sectarian, to secular, to humanistic, to socialist, to thoroughly perverse and pagan. 

May 25 , 2020
The Achievement of Self Government with Union

Presented by Dr. Gai Ferdon
Pages 49-53 The Bible and The Constitution

The achievement of Christian self-government with union is one of the most exciting and miraculous stories of history. This is our story. God brought together 13 extremely diverse colonies into a permanent union, the first Christian Constitutional Republic; the freest nation based on the principles of His Word since the nation of Israel.

June 22-24, 2020
The Constitutional Convention

This is a three evening event presented by Dr.Gai Ferdon
Pages 54-67 The Bible and The Constitution

The United States Constitution is without question one of the greatest documents ever created by man. Daniel Webster remarked, “I regard it (the Constitution) as the work of the purest patriots and wisest statesmen that ever existed, aided by the smiles of a benign Providence; for when we regard it as a system of government growing out of the discordant opinions and conflicting interests of thirteen independent States, it almost appears a Divine interposition on our behalf… the hand that destroys the Constitution rends our Union asunder forever.” Unfortunately there are powerful forces today working diligently to destroy our Constitution. We must not allow this to happen!

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