Fall 2021 Report

It’s Time Parents Rethink Education

It seems like the home, church and Christian school have come up short in making decisions that can impact the culture.

Glen Schultz

What if we were wrong? That seems to be a common theme we hear almost daily from questioning election credibility to the pandemic—but most importantly and consequentially, questioning even Christian education. 

In the 70’s, the Christian school movement spawned many new schools in an effort to give children a Christian education. The movement gave Christian parents an option to the secularization of their children K-12, or did it?  

Recently, a highly respected voice in the Christian school movement, a leader and writer, Glen Schultz, wrote an article entitled “I’ve Been Thinking.”

“At times, I have wondered if, at the beginning of the modern Christian day school movement, we had done it all wrong?  Did we take a secular model of what a school is and bring it under the auspices of a local church or Christian school board and simply attempt to Christianize it?”

Have we not done what the Bible calls us to as parents and educators to teach our children the Word of God applied to all of life and learning, as instructed in Deuteronomy, when they “rise up, walk in the way, lie down”? We are reaping the results of neglect of Biblical education in America today.  

Yet, all along there has been a small steady voice directing parents, teachers and pastors back to true authentic American Christian Education. The Foundation for American Christian Education (FACE) has offered an alternative that brings us back to what God has called us to do in teaching each generation. That is why the work that we do is vital and restorative. It is a return to the founding that made the Bible the basis of education, or Principle Approach education.  

State control of education makes man the god in education. Principle Approach education begins with God in all subjects and in all learning. Now we must take it back. Continue reading to see how FACE is restoring Christian Education and equipping leaders to restore education all over America.  

Carey Woodruff, Executive Vice President

Principle Approach Master Teacher Certification Program Rebuilding the Culture Multi-Generationlly for His-Story 

Foundations Course: A New Perspective.

FACE welcomed 48 participants to the Foundations Course at our campus in Chesapeake, Virginia, with more than 20 additional attendees online. The course was held the week of July 11-16, 2021. Foundations is the first step in the Master Teacher Certification program and serves as the cornerstone of the philosophy, methodology and curriculum of an authentic Christian education. The Foundations course guides reflective thinking to frame the method of teaching called The Principle Approach, placing the Bible as the first and essential study.  

For those seeking certification, Foundations is followed by the Applications Course in year two, culminating with the Exhibition Course in year three.

Attending the Course were teachers and administrators representing 19 schools, including 11 in the FACE Leading Schools program. Pray for these Christian leaders and teachers who are in training to teach a new generation. 

Applications Course: Digging Deeper.

FACE welcomed 19 participants to the Hall-Slater Library and Teaching Center for our Applications Course July 19-23, 2021. The course, taught on campus, is the second of three weeks of training (over three years) in our Principle Approach Master Teacher Certification Program. Participants were from StoneBridge School, Christian Heritage Academy, Dayspring Christian Academy, Maximum Potential Christian Academy and several teachers not connected with a particular school. We were excited to welcome two international educators, an administrator of a large Christian school in Bolivia and a teacher from Colombia, South America. Inspired teachers are now ready to complete their Practicum II and prepare to come to the Exhibition Course offered again in summer 2022. 

Exhibition Course: A new chapter begins.

The Exhibition Course for Authentic Teaching and Learning is the third year course towards becoming a certified Principle Approach Master Teacher. It was offered this year on campus June 27-July 1, 2021. Sixteen participants successfully completed the three-year program that culminated in teaching a model Principle Approach lesson designed by the participant. This first graduating class was awarded diplomas at a celebratory ceremony on July 1. The Master Teacher program includes foundational teaching in the Biblical philosophy, methodology and curriculum development in the Principle Approach, plus training on how to apply it to every grade level and subject. 

Enlightening the Nation Update Planting and Growing

Principled Studies Groups are being planted in churches and communities around the country. To date there are 35 groups meeting regularly and they continue to multiply. The Principled Studies Groups initiative is a grass-roots movement to restore Godly channels of thinking and reasoning Biblically. Participants learn action steps for churches, families and neighborhoods to rebuild the culture community by community with the understanding of the nature of our American liberties.

FACE VISION: Raise an army of individual lives prepared to build the family, the church, and the nation through education in a Biblical-theistic worldview to glorify God above all and bless the people by applying wise principles to all areas of life.

Newly Founded Leading
Principle Approach Schools

FACE continues to work with visionary leaders who are called to begin Principle Approach schools all across America. FACE covenants with potential Leading Schools providing a two year program of mentoring and training, individualized to the needs and goals of each school. Please pray for the Leading Schools which have recently entered the FACE mentoring program:

  • All Nations Academy Madison,Wisconsin
  •  K-1st Grades (opening 2022)
  • Blue Ocean Learning Portsmouth, Virginia, 7th-12th Grades (opening 2022)
  • True North Academy Orlando, Florida 1st-12th Grades (opened 2021)
  • Tree of Life Christian Academy Killeen, Texas
  • Arrows Academy Chula Vista, California (opening 2022)

There is so much that is bubbling in my heart right now! I am marveling and thanking God for FACE, you and all the other wonderful teachers and mentors, the Master Teacher courses, the books, your infinite source of articles and resources… I am so blessed and overflowing with joy as we launch our school. It seems so surreal. God is good! 

2021 Foundations Course Participant

Setting Priorities. Staying Focused. Getting Stronger. Making an Impact!

Our long term goal remains to restore the nation to Biblical truth through education:

  • Expand our network of Enlightening the Nation Principled Study groups in churches and communities across the nation.
  • Publishing Verna Hall’s Biblical Foundations of the Constitution to speak to the grave need of American Christians to know and embrace their liberty.
  • Growing our Teacher Training Program to Teaching Centers around the country.
  • Continue developing 50 Principle Approach Teaching Centers in major population areas. 

Prayer is the first and most important mobilization of strength.

We are grateful for:

  • That the necessity of Christian children getting a Christian education is under a spotlight in our culture today.
  • Our visionary partners who have stepped up to fund restoring the nation through Biblical education.

Please Pray for:

  • Continued opening of the American Christian heart to the necessity of Christian education. 
  • A shield of protection on religious liberty expressions in our nation.
  • Strength and wisdom for Christian school leaders as they serve in a raging spiritual battle.

God moves His people to get involved, for such a time as this.

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