God’s Flawless Plan for Education

The educational goal of the American Christian school is to build a Christian curriculum upon the foundation of Christian character and Christian conscience.

Rosalie J. Slater, Teaching and Learning America’s Christian History

What has happened to education in America?

American parents recently learned, in fact, what was suspected: Government schools are failing their children. Public schools were closed during the pandemic, forcing parents to administer online studies using government authored and mandated curriculum. Christian parents were not only shocked at the secularization and politicalization of the materials, but the poor academic performance it produced.

What is true education?

Webster’s 1828 Dictionary explains that education, “enlightens the understanding, corrects the temper, forms manners and habits of youth, and fits them for their future stations”. In other words, the purpose of education is to form Christian character and build a framework for Christian conscience to be used in service to God and our fellowman.

Why should we give our children a Christian education?

America is the only nation in history to establish a Constitution based upon the principles of liberty found in the Word of God. Our children are the future caretakers of our Republic. It is self-evident that a Christian education must be founded in the Bible, the textbook of liberty. 

Parents, grandparents, educators and pastors must plant the Biblical seeds of a Christian Republic, Christian character and conscience in our children, the future leaders. Without a return to a national Christian character and conscience, no curriculum, training or “innovative education theory” will restore literacy and scholarship.

Teach the Children:

  1. Our Christian Republic is secure when we practice Christian conscience: I always take pains to have a clear conscience toward both God and man. Acts 24:16 ESV
  2. The Pilgrims practiced their faith and trust in the steadfastness of the Providential hand of God, despite overwhelming difficulties. They are an example and inspiration today.
  3. Christianity alone is the citadel of America’s freedom.

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