Fall 2021 Report

It’s Time Parents Rethink Education It seems like the home, church and Christian school have come up short in making decisions that can impact the culture. Glen Schultz What if we were wrong? That seems to be a common theme we hear almost daily from questioning election credibility to the pandemic—but most importantly and consequentially, … Continue reading “Fall 2021 Report”

Get ready for a voyage of discovery!

There is no more meaningful way of renovating the age than learning and teaching America’s Christian history. Carole Adams, President, FACE With Bobbie Ames as our pilot and guide, Land That I Love: Restoring Our Christian Heritage takes us on an expedition in which we explore America past and present. With her conversational style and … Continue reading “Get ready for a voyage of discovery!”

Help Us Restore.

A nation which is humble enough to begin with its children in the constructing of its foundations for liberty may once again have the opportunity to lead nations to Christ. Rosalie Slater In a year of many challenges, we have experienced a renewed concern for education and a demand for the essential teaching and training offered by … Continue reading “Help Us Restore.”

Principled Studies Groups

Starting and Conducting Your Principled Studies Group To secure the future liberty and prosperity of our children, it is essential to rebuild the culture upon the founding principles that formed the idea of America, structured its liberty, and upheld the inalienable rights belonging to its people. Rebuilding culture upon Biblical principles begins with equipping the … Continue reading “Principled Studies Groups”

We pray blessing for you in the New Year!

Here at FACE, we are looking forward to 2019 with great anticipation as we press deeper into the next level of work God has for us. In 2018, we had tremendous opportunity to reflect and think about our vision and how God is moving in the hearts and minds of so many across the country and internationally … Continue reading “We pray blessing for you in the New Year!”

How to teach Christian Character this Thanksgiving

Everyone loves stories, and telling stories is one of the most powerful ways to teach. It was the teaching method modeled by Jesus throughout the Gospels and proved to be one of the most instructive ways He mentored the disciples. The Thanksgiving season is the opportune time to teach the much-loved, Christian history classic, The … Continue reading “How to teach Christian Character this Thanksgiving”

Order FREE Resource Catalogue

The FACE Resource Catalogue is your definitive guide to the proven Biblically-based curriculum for grades K-12. Use our contact form to request a FREE catalogue to be mailed to you, and receive 20% OFF everything in the FACE Bookstore. Or call 800-352-3223‬ to receive your catalogue and discount code. Valid for your first order only. Flip through our Resource Catalogue … Continue reading “Order FREE Resource Catalogue”

Noah Webster’s 1828

Noah Webster’s 1828 American Dictionary of the English Language will enrich your understanding of the English language and is a invaluable tool for daily study. This beautiful and durable dictionary is essential for scholars, students, home educating families, pastors, educators or anyone conducting in-depth research and is a necessity in any home. The dictionary presents … Continue reading “Noah Webster’s 1828”