Pam Tebow on how the Principle Approach changed her life.

We loved using the Principle Approach because we believed that God’s Word needed to be the basis for our home education. We wanted to center everything around it… that God’s Word—the Principle Approach teaches us—was not to be added to curriculum, but curriculum would center around God’s Word.

Pam Tebow

On May 15, 2021 Pam Tebow was the keynote speaker at the Stonebridge School 40th Anniversary Gala. She took a moment to speak a word of encouragement concerning how the Principle Approach—while on the mission field on a remote island in the Philippines—changed not only her children’s lives, but her life as well.

Pam Tebow travels and speaks across the country, encouraging audiences to use the incredible influence God has given them to eternally impact their world. Pam and her husband Bob live in Florida. They have five grown children and eight grandchildren. Learn More.