Ministry Report 2020

Safeguarding America’s Christian history and authentic Christian method of education to strengthen the family, the church, and the Republic.

Teaching the Biblical Christian principles of liberty and life to lift and enlighten the nation generation to generation.

Planting the seeds of Christian self-government by replicating the Principle Approach model of teaching and learning to form Christian character in America’s progeny.

A Providential Calling

The twentieth century observed a shift towards socialism away from the American philosophy of government that framed our liberty. As Americans recognize the degradation of the culture and the dismal state of the schooling of children, impetus builds towards restoring those Biblical Christian principles. 

This report documents how the FACE ministry safeguards the priceless heritage of liberty, teaches Biblical principles of government and education, and plants those principles today on many levels, for all ages, in many places, in our nation and around the world.

Dear Friend, 

Dr. Carole G. Adams serves as the second president of FACE following Rosalie J. Slater, Co-Founder. She is the lead author and editor of The Noah Plan Curriculum. Dr. Adams and her husband founded a Principle Approach K-12 school in Chesapeake, Virginia. 

The Foundation for American Christian Education’s unique purpose is to educate American Christians in the relationship of education to government. The American heritage of Christian culture, character, and community, commonly shared and enthusiastically engendered in the progeny of early generations of Americans, is subject today to a forgetful church, an alien culture, and schools weaponized to undermine the Republic. 

The Foundation for American Christian Education’s providential calling is to plant again the solutions to restore the Republic multi-generationally. The mission focus is creating the America needed by the children of tomorrow through the education of Christian children today.   

Thank you for your partnership as we train teachers, equip parents, mentor school leaders, provide curriculum and materials, keep the seminal books in print, and lay the track for this exciting way forward.

Carole Adams

Your faithfulness endures to all generations; you have established the earth, and it stands fast. Psalm 119:90

FACE Safeguards America’s Christian History 

Carey Woodruff serves as FACE Executive Vice-president giving leadership to the advancement of the ministry worldwide. Carey is the product of a Principle Approach education and is investing that heritage in her two daughters. 

Political correctness casts a veil of deception and re-defines our language in defiance of moral and natural law. It turns history into an instrument of destruction of our children’s heritage. FACE publishes the timeless wisdom contained in His Story that is essential to the future of the nation. The Christian History of the Constitution: Christian Self-government and a dozen essential primary source volumes instruct Christians to sustain the self-governing Republic. Even as America’s Christian history is fast disappearing from library shelves, the FACE Hall-Slater Library houses the collection of books, journals, sermons, pamphlets, manuscripts and artifacts that document the Christian history of the U.S. Constitution and the practice of authentic Christian education. 

  • More than a million Christian history volumes in print for use in homes, schools, and churches
  • Facsimile of the 1828 Webster dictionary restores the vocabulary of liberty
  • The Hall-Slater Library safeguards 12,000 primary sources curated for posterity supporting research in primary sources, the evidence of God’s Hand in America’s story
  • Regular “Stone-setters” tours for visitors, and “Pebble-setters” tours for students
  • Hundreds of sermons from Colonial clergy curated as evidence of the role of the pastor in support of a Christian Constitutional Republic
  • Preparing the publication of Verna Hall’s landmark work, The Biblical Foundations of the Constitution
  • Principled Studies Groups planted in churches and communities nationwide

Do not move the ancient landmark that your fathers have set.
Proverbs 22:28

FACE Teaches Authentic American Christian Education: 
The Principle Approach

Dr. Max Lyons serves as Director of Teaching Services giving leadership to adult education and teacher training. Max is a master teacher and a teacher of teachers who, with his wife, gave his four children a Principle Approach education.

The unembellished history of our nation documents the educational method that produced America’s Constitutional Republic. Today there is a famine of the Biblical principles that under gird both individual and civil liberty. Those principles were the marrow of the early Republic. As the Founders wrestled with how to structure a government that would protect the expression of Christian self-government, their knowledge of the Bible and its principles were their continual guide. Biblical principles applied to all of life, as God commanded, made America. 

FACE restores the Principle Approach method for practice today establishing teaching centers around the nation to impact local communities as we serve families, churches, and schools. The teaching of Biblical principles and worldview must be passed generation to generation. 

  • Fifty Principle Approach teaching centers in five years 
  • K-12 schools and home schools in support of Christian families and churches 
  • Principle Approach colleges and graduate level degrees
  • Teacher training and mentoring of parents and administrators
  • Materials to support all levels of education
  • Lessons in Liberty live-streamed monthly to inform and equip American Christians with a Biblical worldview
  • Partnering with international Principle Approach leaders 
  • Many resources translated into Portuguese and Spanish 
  • Pastor’s Summits in local communities to reach the church with the essential need for the Christian education of Christian children

Teach them to your children and to their children after them … and live! … Deuteronomy 4:9

FACE Plants the Seeds of Christian Self-government 

Dr. Mike Myers serves as Director of the FACE Leading Schools mentoring school leaders and enabling the strength and stability of Christian schooling. Mike founded a Principle Approach school and is himself a master teacher.

Progressive teacher education results in a socialist society. FACE retrains teachers and parents today to reverse the outcome of decades of creeping Marxism through education. Principle Approach teacher training at beginning and advanced levels prepares the teachers able to plant the seeds to restore the Republic. 

The FACE LEADING SCHOOLS program provides models of principled Christian education in localities to support families and churches to give Christian children and families authentic Christian education.

FACE publishes the NOAH PLAN CURRICULUM for schools and home schools as the platform for practicing Principle Approach education in grades kindergarten through twelve and offers introductory steps for beginners with on-line courses and workshops.

  • Training thousands of teachers in Principle Approach methods
  • Certifying Principle Approach Master Teachers
  • Sending FACE Teaching Fellows for national and international needs
  • Training pastors in America’s authentic Christian education
  • Enabling new school and home school start-ups with training 
  • Supporting school growth in established Christian schools
  • Covenanting with Principle Approach schools to reach for excellence 
  • Holding conferences and “boot camps” to equip school leaders
  • Mentoring leaders for success in educational administration
  • Over a hundred Noah Plan titles used in schools and home schools 
  • Grade level materials for students and teachers
  • Introductory materials for beginning the Principle Approach method
  • Video instruction in every subject area for teachers
  • Teacher guides for literature classics
  • Curriculum guides in seven major subjects

Where there is no vision, the people perish… 
Proverbs 29:18

Continuing to Safeguard, Teach, and Plant since 1964

FACE Board of Directors: (L to R) Max Lyons, Tricia Stall, Carey Woodruff, Carole Adams, Janet Mosser, Martha Shirley, John Adams, and front row, Tommy Moorman, chairman, Christi Moorman

There are many fine ministries laboring diligently to bring truth to the issues of the day. We praise God for their efforts and the immediate impact of their missions on many levels. The FACE mission focuses upon the educational principles essential to the securing the future for our children and the Kingdom. 

The Foundation for American Christian Education’s 56-year history began in San Francisco in 1964. Our board members average 25 years of faithful service, all known and chosen by FACE founders, Verna Hall and Rosalie Slater. 

Our outreach would not be possible without your continued support. Thank you.

The Principle Approach is America’s historic method of Biblical reasoning which makes the Truths of God’s Word the basis of every subject in the school curriculum. R. J. Slater

…that they may be called oaks of righteousness, the planting of the LORD, that He may be glorified. Isaiah 61:3